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Calibrate green on Hitachi 57F59

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When looking at the 117 point cross pattern, my green line is shifted below the white reference line at the top of my screen. It is very noticeable across the top 2 or 3 white reference lines. It appears shifted down and slightly to the right. The calibration tool only allows calibration of blue and red. I am told that the green can be adjusted manually. I have never opened this set up before. Can anyone confirm if this can be adjusted manually by opening the set up? Also what do I do? I looked at a reference manual that some one else posted on this site in another thread, but it is for a ceiling mounted projector. I don't imagine it is much different of an operation, but was looking for some help specific to this set.
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No, the place to adjust geometry (green) is in the service menu. There is the mechanical tilting, etc of the green CRT that could possibly be adjusted if you took it apart, but that probably isn't necessary and probably wouldn't fix your problem.
When you describe the problem, however, I don't think it sounds like a geometry or convergence issue. Is the green being shifted low causing the normally white line to be purple? If so, then it's a geometry/convergence issue. If not, the phase on the grid might not be perfectly aligned, which is no big deal.
The service manuals for this CRT RPTV would be very different from that of a ceiling mounted PJ. Only use the service manual for this set or at the very least another Hitachi CRT RPTV from a very close model year.
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There is very good thread over in the Rear Projection Units area:

Hitachi 51/57/65F59A CRT RPTV Tweaks Thread

This sounds like you may want to perform the DCAM adjustment for green, that includes the phase adjustment.

I owned one of these sets until last October.
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You can adjust the green geometry and convergence in the Hitachi dcam mode, but you have to start at a lower level. A good read of the entire adjustment procedure is required, and if you can get a hold of the training info that Hitachi has it is very useful on many of their models.
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