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Jack's Basement HT Config Mableton, GA

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Pioneer Elite VSX-29TX ( THX, DDS, and DTS 5.1)
Klipsch RF-7s front left and right
Klipsch RC-7 front center
Klipsch RS-35s left and right surrounds
2 - KSW 12" 200w powered subs

Sharp xv-z9000 front projector (component video, svideo, vga, and composite only, not DVI or HDMI)

Denon 2900M dvd player (primarily for SACD and DVD-Audio player)

Zenith DVD player that up converts to 1080i via component video for my older projector(I actually have it set to 720p) (also, had to down rev. firmware to allow up conversion via component video, initially it was blocked.)
I watch most of my movies with this.

Pioneer Elite CLD-91 Combo DVD / Laserdisc player (used only for playback of Laserdisc.)
I could only build a small room roughly 11' x 18' with aabot a 5' wide bump out on one side were I keep my DVD and Laserdisc collection.

I project directly on to the wall, not screen. It is painted a light blue/grey color. Right Wall is 10" thick concrete, covered with 1" Styrofoam and 3/4" sheet rock. Left wall is 3/4" sheet rock, stud wall, layer of tar paper, one inch space, layer of tar paper, and stud wall, and 3/4" sheet rock(not sure how good this works for sound proofing, but I gave it a shot). Back wall is between the Home Theater room, and my dedicated computer workshop and server room, it also houses the equipment for my home theater. I'm planning to cut a hole in the wall to shine my projector thru, and isolate the heat and sound it generates to the back room. The front wall of the theater where I project has 3/4" sheet rock, studs, 3/4", 6' wide storage room on the other side, 3/4" sheet rock, stds, and exterior sheathing, and Brick exterior wall.

I hope to update with some pictures, it has taken me a long time to build this room, in fact I am embarrassed to admit how long, but I am finally getting there. (I think I had posted a config before, but it might have been so long ago, that it was deleted.)
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Sounds very interesting Jack, ill look forward to the pictures! I especially want to see how the projected image works out on the wall.
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We think alike. Klipsch speakers all around except I have Velodyne and Hsu subs. Laserdisc owner too. See signature. Also I work daily with both computers and AV rentals. Looks like a nice setup. Can't wait to see pics.
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