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Lost Planet 2 Coming to PS3 - Confirmed

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Today the Official PlayStation Magazine has published an article revealing that Lost Planet 2 will be coming to the PS3.

The article says: "...Capcom has since confusingly refused to confirm on the record what Lost Planet 2 is coming out on. Whatever guy. We can tell you that it is definetly going to be released on PS3."

So there you go, exciting for all of you Lost Planet fans & upcoming Lost Planet 2 fans. Keep coming back to Gamingfront.net for all the latest news on Lost Planet 2, E3 2009 and any other gaming news!
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Well the first one did, so this isn't a surprise
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there are fans of lost planet?

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Originally Posted by TyrantII View Post

there are fans of lost planet?

I was a fan of the first 8 levels of the original one...then I got sick of it. They spent so much money on this series and it didn't seem to do so well.
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Xbox people love this game and it made the series, Capcom just throwing bones at PS3 where this series means nothing, did you see the sales of the first game? lol very bad.

The next one is Dead Rising, that game was is what it is today because of the 360, the PS3/Wii are getting it because Capcom has gone the lets put our games on everything approach.
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I was interested in the game because of the setting, but I read a review criticizing the PS3 port, and saw a trailer with cut-scene dialogue as atrocious as that found in RE4, so I decided to give it a pass.
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I am sure they learned to port better but this series isn't for everybody, the visuals will be good on this no doubt but the game seems geared towards a Japan audience or americans into robots and crap like that.
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well, for the record, I played it on the 360. I have no idea what it was like on the ps3.
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Just to be clear, the quote above doesn't actually confirm anything. Capcom still won't commit officially one way or the other (probably because they're still working out the possibility of a timed exclusive with MS).
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Hate to say it, but for me Capcom is synonymous with what EA was before the better part of this year.

Only difference is Capcom would always make sure to supply top quality GFX with their poo.

until they start making better games, I'll be Goozexin' them in.
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I'm playing Lost Planet right now and I think its a decent enough game. It cost me all of $15 and its well worth it. Although I do agree about the dialogue.

I saw footage of Lost Planet 2 and from what the developers said in the interview it seems like it has the chances of being a great game. Better than the first one anyways.
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I paid $9.99 for this game and hated it so much. The "knock-downs" IMO are the most retarded thing in the world. I couldn't even finish the game. Got to about level 6 before I just got sick of the mechanics. Even piloting mechs wasnt enough to save this game for me. On the plus side I was able to sell it used for like $8. So $2-3 to play a game was okay I guess...
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I think that LP2 will have 4 player co-op for the campaign. If they do that well, like GoW or Halo3, then this game will do well.
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Here's a long developer video interview with the PS3 version of the game running in the background. I have to admit.... it's looking fantastic.
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Lost Planet was an average shooter that was a fun play through when it came out but nothing special. LP2 on the other hand looks like a very intriguing coop game that's two parts LP and one part Shadow of the Colossus. Played the demo on the 360 recently and really dug it. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for.
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