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Oknyo TX-SR 607 vs Pioneer VSX-1019AH/919AH

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Hello all I just purchased the TX-SR 607 but is on backorder (I got it on 6ave for 375 shipped) and was thinking maybe the 1019 is a better choice, I want to hear peoples' experiences with both receivers and the suggestion of the pros on this forum as I am pretty much a novice please help me out. HDMI ports are not a huge issue as I only have 2 inputs (TV and bluray). I am looking for the one with the best sound quality and the one that will last me a good while.

So let's have at it I would love to hear both sides. I also am not biased towards one or the other as I only care which one is ultimately the better choice of machinery.

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Just had this debate myself. Ordered the Onkyo.
1. After reading both sets of instructions Onkyo seems easier to set up and use based on my needs.
2. Onkyo probably has more real world power.
3. Onkyo has standard 2yr warranty.
4. Pioneer is in a terrible financial position and they are begging for money from the Japanese Gov and could go bankrupt any day.
5. Onkyo can be gotten much cheeper than the Pioneer. J&R has them and price matched 6th Ave for me.
6. I've owned Pioneer Elite, Yamaha, Arcam and Denon. Never had one fail on me or go bad. The Pioneer was 10yrs old when I gave it away and I've one 12yr old Yamaha and another 6yr old Yamaha sitting in storage for the garage sale that work fine. Another Yamaha is in use along with the Denon and Arcam. I'm not to worried about the unit going bad, just that it may be bad out of the box. I should find out in two years.
8. I've owned a lot of electronics. While the Arcam does sound the best in 2 channel for the most part they all sound the same if you set them up right. It's the speakers that sound different.
9. Full disclosure, I wouldn't have considered the Onkyo if the Yamaha 765 or Denon 10 series was available today. Needed small, 4HDMI, 2nd Zone and powerful.
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How long have previous onkyo products lasted for people on this forum.
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