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UTV HD Re-Image

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I give up!

Dialup keeps dying on me a various points on my new 80Gb HD install. I picked up two more used RCA UTV units. One wants to dial up right out of the gate, probably why the auction came with two. The other one, worked for about a day and started head clinking on the HD. It's constantly trying to dial out for an upgrade. No dice with my GTE/Verison rural connection (I had to wait a month for a private line, party lines are still common). Good news is I can offer the dual line feed I ran tested good, 87 on tuner 1 and 90 on tuner 2, when it was up.

Any kind soul willing to image one or two of the HDs if I mail them and pick up the return?

Thanks in advance.
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You have a PM

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Have you tried connecting a phone line right into your phone box located outside your home? This will provide the best possible connection you have at your place. It eliminates poor inside wiring, if that the case. Also try at different times throughout the day. I had a few failures the last time I dialed out for V3.8. I was surprised to find that 4pm worked the best over late at night / early morning.

Can you take the unit into where your work and find an analog extension to try there? Fax line, etc.
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I do feel bad for eea123 having such poor phone lines...

I thought I had it bad in my GTE/Verizon market... Where I'm stuck if lucky with somewhere around 40K with dial up (no options for ISDN/DSL this far out...). Luck for me I have a local Motorola Canopy Wireless Broadband setup which is working rather well.
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Thanks everyone. We have HughesNet sat service for our ISP (another whole set issues, but does work most of the time). Verizon/GTE isn't even thinking about DSL in my area. We had dialup a few years back. Connection speed didn't seem to be the problem, but I did seem to get dropped connections an hour or so into a session. I assumed it was the local dialup ISP, but was/is probably the phone company.

Interior lines should all show to be good. I installed them myself, using a commercial grade block and ground. All connections are home run back to the block. Not a big deal doing it before the contractor hung the drywall. I also ran the previously mentioned RG-59 wiring and some Beldon 3-conductor for a Niles IR system. Actually was pretty fun until the electrician tried charging me for my own boxes. I think I ended up with 20 or so for volume control, IR, phone and cable. All of mine were plastic and his were metal. Pretty easy to sort out, but always check those invoices.
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Thanks to Kazak and UPS, back in business.
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Originally Posted by eea123 View Post

Thanks to Kazak and UPS, back in business.

Glad to hear it

Oddly enough, while I was waiting on yours one of my ancient 120g drives started screaming like a slapped baby and died. I had to dig out an old 40g from one of my parts machines so I had practiced before yours came.

Glad it worked.

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Still going strong, knock on plastic. I picked up an old version of WinHex (full) and may give the re-imaging a try next emergency. My current problem is backing up some of the recorded content. I'm still looking at standalone DVD recorders. 80Gb fills up quick! Thanks again.
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