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Need help deciding on front speakers

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I'm upgrading my Polk RM6750 5.1 system with some new fronts and will likely use the current front speakers as new surround rears (or if I bi-amp the fronts I'll run 5.1 depending on the difference it makes). The system was fine for TV/movies but doesn't cut it for music.

I want the best quality for music possible (given a $600ish budget) - but I'd like to avoid big front speakers for aesthetic reasons which is why I'm a bit shy of the Polk 70s (42" tall) even though the price is right and I was leaning towards those initally.

But it really does come down to sound quality for music and if the larger Polks are likely to give me the best overall quality then I'll buy those and deal with the aesthetics. My living room is on the large side (for an apartment) at 30 feet x 25 feet if that makes a difference.

Here are some that I'm considering.

JBL L830
$350 for a pair

Polk Monitor 70s
$200 each - $400/pair

NHT Classic Threes
$295 each - $600/pair

Currently using an Onkyo 607 7.2 receiver. I appreciate any help or suggestions - thanks!
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JBL all the way for a room that size. You can crank them.

Someone else (nisteele) in the JBL thread just posted his setup with the same speakers. Read that.
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Volume wise, the 830's......SQ and asethically the NHT classic 3's.
Both will need a sub which i suppose you already have.
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Whatever you buy, go for three matching bookshelves and replace your full front 3. I noticed that you never mentioned your centre channel, and it should be replaced as part of this to match the new L/R fronts.
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thanks for the advice - I do plan on getting a new center channel to match the new left and right.
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