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DLP Problems

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My dad called me about a problem he is having with his Samsung HLS 5086WX/XAA. The TV is in his basement inside of an armoire. Apparently my Mom was using the TV about 2 months ago and only turned off the cable box leaving the TV on and shut the door. My dad was walking by yesterday and noticed light coming from inside the armoire.

He opened the door and saw the the screen was filled with nothing but static. I had him try a DVD player to make sure it wasn't a problem with the cable box, but he said he gets sound with both, but no picture. He said the white dots are stationary and do not move around.

I had him unplug the TV for a couple hours and then turn it back on, but the screen still looks like this:

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Would this be a problem with the DMD board? I have no idea what that is, but I was seeing some talk about it in the forums.

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That is actually not an LED model, FYI. This model uses bulb-based technology and a color wheel.

What you're seeing (based on the picture) looks a LOT like an issue with the DMD board that many people are reporting. There's a thread near the top of the RPTV boards here called "Samsung DMD Board Replacement" that should give you all the info you need to learn about the problem and possibly attempt a repair.

Many people get the set serviced, and quite a few order the DMD board and do the fix themselves (seems to run about $150 and approx. 2 hours of time). In some cases, folks have been able to convince Samsung to pay for parts and only have to pay for the labor out of pocket. I've only browsed that thread, but I think in many cases the problem is heat-related, which would definitely be an issue if this set was left in a closed armoire for two months.

Is the set still under any warranty?
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I realized it was not an LED model right after posting and changed the thread title to reflect the correction.

I just stumbled upon the thread you linked to a couple minutes ago. I must have been using the wrong words in the search engine when I was looking around prior to posting. I'm going to go post my pictures in the other thread.

Nope, the warranty expired awhile ago.

Thanks for your help!
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