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Can I do better for under $1k?

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I'm trying to avoid a HTIB and want to know what people think of this before I go ahead with it. I could be way off but I'm hoping some people can help me out. I am looking for good sounding, small discrete speakers with a reciever for movies (I'm fine with 5.1 surround) and music (rock,pop,hip-hop), all hooked up via HDMI. I would like to keep everything under $1,000 (looking around $700). I already have a 10" Infinity entrasub which I plan on keeping (it's old but still sounds excellent to me).

Here's my setup:

14'x10' room
52" sony xbr6 LCD
Sony PS3 for games/bluray
Digital Cable Box

I'm thinking of the following:

4x Energy C-50 speakers
1x Energy CC50 Center Channel
(I'm reading that this selection would be much better than the energy take classic or rc-mini, is this true?)

I'm lost for recievers. Can anyone suggest anything for me? How's the Yamaha 6160, Sony DG920 (highly rated on cnet, cool GUI), or something from Denon, HK, Onkyo??

Thanks for your help!
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If you can swing the RC Mini they’re a step up from the C-50. I think Vanns has good prices on them but check around. I haven’t heard them but some of the guys in the Energy owners thread really like them for what they are. I gather they have better internals and look better with wood veneer vs the vinyl (I assume) finish on the C-50. They’re not much more…go for the Mini over the C-50.

Also from Vanns check out the discontinued Mirage V2 bookshelf speakers. I really like them but not everyone does. You can listen to them at Magnolia in Best Buy. Read up on how Miage is unique, they might interest you.

Another possibility, that might be a bit more expensive, is the PSB Alpha B1. They’re kind of a classic mini-monitor. Tons of reviews on them.

There might be other smallish speakers with a least 4” drivers but I’m drawing a blank. In any case, yes, you can do better than the C-50 for a bit more cash.

For receivers the 6160 is a good choice, IMO. Having owned a Yamaha V661 I think they’re great and, at least mine, reliable. It also easily does everything I want it to with a Harmony remote. Forget Sony, they make a lot of crap and shouldn’t be rewarded with a sale.
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I spent a little more than 1k and got the following:

Onkyo 607 (499 from fry's)
Energy C-500
Energy C-C100
Energy C-R100

Speakers costed 780$ shipped. If you want to reduce your budget, you can go for C-100's all around. Check the energy thread in the speaker section.
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Originally Posted by ickysmits View Post

Forget Sony, they make a lot of crap and shouldn't be rewarded with a sale.

Pure unadulterated BS and just plain WRONG.
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