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I have a Tivoli Sirius Model One Table Radio that I mostly use for Sirius. I've read that it also gets excellent FM reception, and I'm interested in recording some broadcasts from a local FM station (by connecting the Tivoli to my Mac and using Audio Hijack). Unfortunately, the sorry excuse for an antenna included when I bought the radio doesn't get clear up the signal at all.

So I'm in the market for an antenna to connect to it. I've searched through the forums and have found some nice threads on FM antennas, but I'm a little confused as to which one I should use for strictly local use. I don't need an antenna for HD, just regular FM, and I don't need one that picks up stations far away---I'm in a metropolitan area and am only about three or four miles from the station's transmitter. All I want is to get a very clear signal without the hiss and fuzz. I do live in an apartment building, so an indoor antenna would be great, but if I could find an outdoor one that I could slip out my window, that could work, too (it wouldn't be there all the time, just once a week for an hour or so).

I'd love some advice. A lot of the antennas I've seen mentioned on the forum confuse me a lot with their strengths and weaknesses. Like the title mentions, I don't know a lot about signal strength and how to maximize the clarity from my radio, so feel free to dumb it down.... I won't feel offended at all. Thanks so much.