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good luck with your tops. By far this thread and the videos posted on www.concreteexchange.com helped me the most. These two resources alone have everything you need to know to take a really good first shot.
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well, tops are done. I had to grind/polish last weekend, when temps were sitting at 32-34 and windy...so that kind of sucked. In the end, I looked like a big, frozen trash bag, since I made my own makeshift poncho out of leftover black poly - and the mist from the waterfeed coated everything in a thin layer of ice. The whole time I was miserable; cold, wet...thinking to myself this isn't going to work. Well, the wife and I couldn't be happier how our first tops came out!. I still need to put a final urethane sealer/polish coat, but other than that these things are complete. To reiterate what others have said before me, you'll be very surprised at how much mess you can make, how heavy these things truly are - and how much you will appreciate all of that in the end when you have a hand/self-made, beautiful countertop in your home.

Thanks again to all those that have contributed to this thread before me.

Sorry, crappy camera phone photo. I'll try and get some better quality shots up soon.
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These are Fantastic! Maybe a new project of mine when I redo our kitchen ^_^
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Your counter tops look great. What kind of cabinets are those, they are great too.
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Thanks - The cabinets are Ikea boxes with birch veneer opton, and the doors are the new Sofielund Walnut/Light Gray . Pulls are ikea as well.
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This thread is so freakin full of awesome.. I'm subscribing just so I can give it a shot someday soon.. maybe this spring/summer(if it ever gets here), the kitchen has some sad ass laminates that I (or the wifey) would not miss.

Thanks for sharing all the info./experiences.. I gotta go back and check out all the links and such..
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Ok to you guys that are doing your kitchens what did you do to reinforce the current cabinets? I am really worried that I will have a problem after everything is all done with them not supporting the extra 500+ pounds.
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I don't think you'll need to reinforce your cabs. Just keep the top thickness reasonable (2" or so) to keep the weight down.

But I supposed all that can depend on the quality of the cabinet. Best to talk with the person/manuf. that will provide your cabs.
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The whole top doesn't need to be 2" to get the look. There was a segment on Ask This Old House recently where they made concrete counter tops. Only the outer 3" of the top were 2" thick. The rest of the top was 1" thick. It was done by placing a 1" thick sheet of foam insulation after the first 1" of concrete was in the form and filling around the edges. Sure makes it easier to move the tops into place and works fine with existing cabinets.
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