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Satellite TV on my PC monitor - Tuner?

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning on purchasing the Dreambox 600PVR satellite receiver and would like to hook it up to my PC Monitor (A 24" LG Flatron W2452T). Could somebody let me know if I need to buy a TV Tuner card in order for this set up to work? If so, any advice on which tuner card I require?

I tried to include links for specs of both the dreambox and monitor but, as this is my first post, I was not allowed to do so. In any case, these are easily available with a simple google search.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Just looked quickly at the specs for that sat receiver. Everything I found was in German but from what I read you will need to figure out the right cables and adapters from the scart connection in that PVR to the inputs of your monitor.

The receiver has 2 tuners for the satellite channels. Do you want to watch something other than the satellite channels? That would be the only reason you would need a TV tuner card. I am not familiar with that monitor but you may have to swap cables from your computer to the PVR if the monitor only has one input.

You had me wondering so I did some looking and I can't find a way to connect that PVR to that Monitor. You should do some research before buying.

The Deambox 800 HD has a DVI output that would mate with your monitor. But I'm sure it is more money.
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Thanks for your interest; I really need help with this one!

The monitor has a DVI-D input (currently used by my pc) + a D-Sub input (currently unused). Is that a D-Sub output on the back of the dreambox (above the 'Modem Line' input), labelled RS232? Could I attach that to the spare D-Sub input on my monitor? I only want to view satellite tv on my monitor.

Unfortunately I cannot post links, howeve, if you google search 'dreambox malta' and click on the first link, it will take you to an agent who lists all specs on his site. Maybe theres a way I could send you the pic of the back of the dreambox (so you could have a look at the connections)?

Thanks again.
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oh, and I don't speak German. Sorry.
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Maybe this cable would do the trick?

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I'm at a loss how to advise you. You need to determine that the RS232 port on the dreambox has the video signal.
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Problem solved I think. I have found VGA to Scart cables abound on eBay, therefore, using one of these cables I can connect my monitor, using the spare VGA port, to the DM600PVR (Via the Scart plug). Simple solution - there are many others, but this one seems best.

And you seem to think I shouldn't require a TV Tuner card of some sort to view the channels picked up by the dreambox satellite receiver on my pc monitor, correct?

Thanks again for all your advice regarding this issue!
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Originally Posted by kurtwism View Post

Dreambox specs;


If you are not located in Europe, I have to ask what programming you hope to receive with this "Dreambox"?

As it will not receive Direct TV or Dish Network programing.
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I am located in Europe.
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