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Originally Posted by bluen View Post

If I use the quick select buttons on the remote, how do I make sure the mode remains on digital?
I must say this remote is confusing, I was doing better when it was lost...

After adjustment you'll need to memorize it by pressing the "Quick Select" button down and holding it a few seconds until the displays flashes.
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Worked, thanks!

I like the receiver but the remote is a challenge.
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Really hoping that someone might possibly have a solution for me. Recently my 1910 has been having problems where it kicks in its protection circuit at any high action point of a movie. Like i was watching start wars episode 1 the other day and everytime anything even started getting intense it kicked off. At first i thought maybe it was just the HDMI cable but then later that day roommate decided to hook his laptop up to the TV to play some diablo III and it kept doing it as well using a different HDMI cable on a different HDMI input. Any thoughts as to what i should check to resolve this as its getting annoying that we have to keep the volume around 30(which is just about inaudible) to be able to actually watch movies.
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The most common reason for shut down is a loose speaker wire from one post touching another post. Check all posts both at the AVR and each speaker to visually confirm whether this is the case or not. When the AVR shuts down, is the red power ring light flashing about every 1/2 sec or every 2 sec as the latter would indicate ventilation issues if there is insufficient clearance around the AVR to exhaust heat. Is the volume you refer to "30" or "-30db"?
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you know what, i'll have to check speakers, we got yelled at for excessive volume and i believe i just unplugged some of the speakers at the speaker versus the receiver, so i guess it is quite possible that some of the banana plugs are touching haha.
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Yup .. that would do it, especially as the volume is raised to a higher level. wink.gif
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Before I reset the microprocessor, I'm wondering if there's a simple solution to my issue. When I'm on the input for my HTPC (audio only through HDMI-1), the display of the Denon 1910 is off unless i change the volume at which point it comes on but then quickly goes out after I stop adjusting the volume. All the other inputs are on all the time. I've tried hitting the dimmer button but it has no effect. Is there something simple I'm missing, or do I just need to reset?
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sounds like you are in PURE DIRECT mode. Turning off the front panel display is one of the "features" of this mode.
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Well, I think you're probably right that it's in Pure Direct Mode, but it won't let me switch out of Pure Direct Mode, which is the real problem. Thanks for the suggestion, guess it's time to reset it...
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Hi purplestallion, not even the "Pure" button at the back of the remote?
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I have an AVR-1910. Can I watch a movie using Zone 2 + Subwoofer pre-outs with a 2.1 setup. I would like to use my reference monitors and of course they have built-in amps. I would also like to use Audyssey MultEQ. Will this work? Thanks.
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What's the goal? To setup the 2.1 in another room? Audyssey wouldn't apply to the Zone 2 speakers, although you could split the sub pre-out using a "Y" splitter.
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yes, please take a step back and explain your entire setup and your goals. It's very difficult to give advice when we are clearly only getting a fraction of the story.
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2.1 as the main setup, wanting to use the zone 2 since there are no main pre outs, that's all.
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Ah ... okay, then no, you can't use Audyssey with them connected to the Zone 2 pre-outs. You also won't be able to pass any HDMI or optical audio inputs to them, rather analog only.
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bummer, maybe should trade up to $500 AVR-3311CI then. Any cheaper alternatives?
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Sorry that could have gone off-topic, never mind about the 3311... but since I cannot really justify a new receiver right now, instead of using 2.1 with my studio reference monitors, I would like to use my Energy Take Classic 5 speakers, but in 3.1, is this possible? I don't want to run wires all over the place because this is a temporary setup and there will be lots of people around to trip over wires.

The Energy Take 5 (I actually have 7) has 6 identical speakers + a center. For bigger sound, can I leave out the center speaker, and use the other 6 (2 + 2 + 2) for my LCR, and wire in parallel as long as I keep the volume below distortion? They are 8 ohm speakers so load will be 4 ohms. The speakers are small. I could also wire in series for 16 ohms but I will be cutting my power in half. What do you recommend?

If this won't work I'll just do 1 speaker on each channel in 3.1. And if 3.1 is not possible I will just do 2.1, which I know is possible. smile.gif

Thanks for advice.
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Yes, you can use the Energy setup in 3.1 only, although you're likely better off sticking with traditional 3.1 rather than your 2+2+2.
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cool! (to 3.1)

awwww smile.gif (to 2+2+2)
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The "Pure" button worked after all. I feel like an idiot. I could have sworn I tried pushing it before with no luck. I was really happy not to have to reset everything. Really happy. Thanks for the help.
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How can I hook up hearing assist wireless headphones to my system?

Sennheiser Set 830-TV Wireless TV Headphones

Denon AVR-1910
Samsung UN46 B6000VFXZA 46" LEDTV
Samsung BD-P 1600 BluRay
Phlips DVP5982 DVD
U-Verse IPTV
Over air TV

Uverse, the disc players ,& the TV are all hooked up with HDMI,
Over Air uses TosLink back to the AVR
If I use the Headphone Jack on the Denon the speakers turn off and no one else can hear.
The sound doesn't seem to be passed through to the headphone jack on the TV.
The analog outputs don't get the HDMI audio passed through.
Damn you HDCP

I am considering trying a toslink SPDIF to Analog Audio Converter like this one
on the digital output

Does anyone know if that will work

Otherwise I think I need an analog switch box for the devices I want to work with the Headphones.

Thanks for your help.
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You'll want to connect the headphone transmitter into the Zone 2 pre-out jacks (set Zone 2 ON) and then connect any sources you want to pass to the headphones with an analog cable (red/white) in addition to the HDMI cable for the main zone as only analog sources will pass to Zone 2.
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Yes, but there are not corresponding analog inputs for every HDMI input.


Also curious if the converter idea would work.
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The HDMI inputs are "assignable" whereas the analog inputs are not, so simply assign them to the same name used by the analog input's source name. And yes, the optical--> analog converter connected between the TV and AVR would work, although likely not necessary as the TV likely has analog audio outputs as well.
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What I meant was to hook the headphones up to the optical to analog converter and connecting the converter to the optical output on the Denon AVR-1910. If all inputs will play through the optical output that might be the easiest way to hook it up.

Running analog cable (red/white) from the TV to the Denon would involve opening up the wall to fish another set of cables through.

If I can play all inputs (Digital & Analog) through the optical output on the Denon via the optical/analog converter then that would be simpler.

Thanks for your help

Even if only the digital inputs played through the optical out then that would cover most of the often used listening modes.

Edited by yrog - 8/26/12 at 12:02am
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They won't as only a source connected to the OPT2(IN) will play to the OPT2(OUT).
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I ran Audyssey to make sure I was getting the right balance between my small rears (Polk RM7) and the larger fronts and center (Polk Monitor 60 and CS1). These are the results:

Fronts (L+R): -4.5db
Center: -6.5 db
R Surr: -1.5 db
L Surr: -0.5db
Sub: -9.5db (Hsu2)

Do these look reasonable given my equipment?

Thanks for any insight!
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The speakers are fine, although you'll likely want to lower the sub volume knob a knotch or two and rerun AUTO SETUP to get the sub closer (but not exactly) to 0db.
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On sub levels -

Having the sub level slightly above zero (say between 0 and +5) will aid in the auto feature of the sub turning on at low listening levels. My HSU frequently stays off if playing soft background music. Just a thought.

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