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screen for a Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 720

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Hi All,
Thanks for all the great info regarding screens. I have just purchased an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 720 and I'm looking for some setup and screen advice. We're planning to ceiling mount the projector in our living room which is 15 ft wide and 19 feet long. The walls of the room are white, the floors are shiny light wood, and we have one 15 foot wall of full of huge windows one 19 foot wall with two more large windows. We're going to put up black out drapes but I'm sure there will be some light bleed and that the room will only be truly dark at night, which is ok for us.

We think the best plan is to install a manual pull down screen in front of the 15 foot wall of windows which will be covered by drapes, so we can have a sunny room during the day and pull the screen down for movies. We ordered a Optoma Panoview Greywolf II 92-Inch diagonal but we're going to return it because we've been projecting on our 15 rear white wall in the meantime and getting a huge 135 inch width picture and now the screen seems to small and learned the optoma screen has sparkle problems and is incompatible with a ceiling mount projector.

We would so appreciate if anyone has any advice on what would be the best screen and setup for bright crisp picture quality. Should we get a grey screen or white? Should it be high contrast? What is the max size screen you would recommend? We're looking to spend less than $400 on the screen. Also how many feet should the projector be placed from the screen for optimal brightness and a big image? Is it important to get a black case for the project or is white ok (since our walls are white)? Do we need a CSR screnn? Also we're mainly going to use the screen for HDTV and movies so ideally we'd like a 16:9 screen with blacked out edges? Is there some screen out there for us that anyone can recommend?

Thanks so much!
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I put a 92" roll up screen in front of my two large front windows. Mine is still pretty new but shows no wrinkles, sags or curling. It's a very cheap manual Accuscreen which is matte white, black painted on the back, and a nice 12" black border on top. I'm going to paint it with a Silverfire mix when I can get the right outdoor conditions and the rest of the supplies to mix it. For now, it's great for $90

I'd recommend just getting a plain matte white 1.0 gain Elite, Mustang, Accuscreen, or Optoma rollup/electric in the size you want. If you're a little handy, spend another $80-100 for the supplies and paint the screen. I wouldn't go over 120" with a white screen personally. As a reference, you can buy a Mustang 120" electric for $250-$300.
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Thanks, I'm not to handy so I'll probably have to stick with something that require relatively little DIY. Would the Da Lite High Power be a good choice for me? Is there a nice bright equivalent that I can paint black on the back?
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Lots of questions, but, the Graywolf is retroreflective, as is the Hi Power. That means for ideal setup, the lens needs to be near eye level. Gray will help your contrast in that room and help with the ambient light. HP will help some with ambient light, but you'd really have to not ceiling mount it again.
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The Accuscreen had a black backing when I bought it, not sure what other manufacturers do the same. It does double duty as blocking all the light from coming in through the window and being a projector screen...I put a really high powered flashlight against it and no light shows through at all.

Personally I don't like the gray screens, the whites just don't seem white enough. You need more light for a gray screen but it will help with contrast in ambient light.

Just remembered Elite has a black backing for sure. Quality is good too. They sell an electric 120" in both gray and white for about $400. Go to Elitescreens and check them out.
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Another newbie,

I have that same projector with a 16*23 room, total light control. Sits about 13.8 ft back and in Living Room mode. Showed it on an Elite and an Accuscreen manual pull down 106" matte white with no difference in picture---yes, I calibrated everything. A Carada Brilliant White showed a-little better picture with Da-Lite Cosmo in between Carada and Elite.

My best picture was at 84" but love the Showcase Cinema feel so lived with a slight drop in picture brightness and quality. Not to get off the subject but I took one guy's advice on here, believe it was Tiddler, and stuck with my Valspar Ultra White Satin painted wall....for some odd reason (don't ask me how), it looks just as good as Da-Lite but not complaining on $350 savings. Let me know if need anything else, good luck!
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