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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Duck05 View Post

It has been a while but I just checked for a firmware update and it came back as one being available. Have not updated since the NIC was replaced and am reluctant to "click" the update button as the unit has been flawless since the repair (quite a while ago).
Unless there are any true benefits not sure I want or need to do the upgrade.....
Please advise....

It's a fix for Pandora. Unless you use Pandora to stream music, you don't need the update.
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Thanks.... I have no need as I have other devices for that.....
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The 4310 doesn't stream Pandora so the update (that one anyway) does not apply here. wink.gif
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Hello, I have an issue with the sound of HDTV channels.
The sound is downgraded to 2 channel (stereo)

For any reason the AVR detects Dolby digital audio coming from a given channel, displays Dolby digital for one second, and then the sound is downgraded to stereo.

If I want to force Dolby digital sound, I realize that I need to change the source, for example change from Sat/cbl to DVR and come back to Sat/cbl, this is the only way that I found to listen TV channels in 5.1 sound.

Is very annoying since anytime I change the tv channel I need to execute that procedure if I want to go 5.1 sound.

HDMI cable was changed and double checked the settings.

Any ideas?
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Use a different turn on sequence like having the AVR to turn on last...
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Oddest thing I have ever encountered. eek.gif

Sent my 4310 to Panurgy to get 'flashing' of the HDMI board repaired. Didn't matter what HDMI or source used, the picture flashed to the point it was unwatchable. HOWEVER, using component in/HDMI out, pic was perfect...confused.gif

So I get the unit back about a week ago with no trouble found. Finally (3 days ago) had time to reinstall and setup. Prior to this I bought all brand new HDMI cables from Monoprice. Connected and sure enough not only flashing but now the wierdest thing ever, I use the remote (either the Denon remote or the Harmony 550 remote) to adjust the volume and the entire unit (4310) display blanks out, pic on TV goes black and no audio; then it all comes back, just like the input was being changed. mad.gif

Tried resetting (I lost track of how many times) over the last 3 days to no avail. This is at the end of the warranty (had already been sent in for the NIC replacement) and I do not understand how the remote control volume could make everything go off/on? The volume on the 4310 itself (using the volume knob) works perfectly. confused.gif

Called Denon who referred me to Panurgy since it was just returned. Panurgy states I have to get reference # from Denon in order to proceed...Talk about frustrating and passing the buck! mad.gif 3 phone calls this morning already and still no further ahead in fixing this. Now I am waiting for the girl to call me back (if lucky, today).

Had I known this AVR was going to cause such headaches and NOT living up to the Denon standard of excellence (the 'made in Japan' thing was supposed to mean better quality, or so I had read time and time again), I would have gone a different direction.

I must say, I do indeed so love the SQ when Denon works, but my AVR-789 had to be sent in for repair + FW upgrade, now thistime is the FOURTH TIME this 4310 has been sent in and I am about at my wits end...I feel like smashing my head against a brick wall would get me better results than trying to get a defect free Denon product.

So friggen frustrated right now. frown.gif
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Sucks man. Reliability was really the fatal flaw of the 4310 & 3310. Since you've already sent it in multiple times I would really push hard on them to replace it with a newer unit. The 4311 for example is rock solid.
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Really unfortunate you've had such bad experience, I too have wanted to smash my head and my 4310(s) against a brick wall...but my run of bad luck pales compared to yours...seems to me they should offer you a replacement unit (4 trips to Panurgy is outrageous). Certainly hope you can get resolution for your problems from them...
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@splicer010 -

Check with your credit card provider as they may add an additional year to the warranty. If yes, and Denon is not willing to replace it for you, you may be better served going through the credit card provider and just getting your money back to place towards a newer model.
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Used debit card JD...Really blows. How would I "push" to get a newer unit? I truly feel that is the best recourse as I am sick of everything...Oh! Girl called back (Laura/Laurie from Denon) and wanted me to try a different TV because this one (Mits 73734) might need an update. eek.gif Yup, worked fine for the past 1.5 years and now suddenly needs an update? I don't think so...besides, the TV would have nothing to do with the remote volume control blanking out the pic/audio...Steve (the guy I spoke to at Panurgy) told me what I describe is "impossible". He also told me they did a 'burn test' on it for EIGHT DAYS! eek.gif Funny, my paperwork states THREE DAYS...Steve said no way because it is on his screen. After insisting I was reading what was written on the receipt, 'Steve' conceded "huh...wonder how that happened." rolleyes.gif

*EDIT* Oh yeah, pic still flashing but now with a green tint. Connect things directly to the TV (HD DVD, Blu-ray, Roku2 XS) and picture is perfect, rock solid.
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Ouch! Unless you don't use credit cards at all, it's generally always going to be a good idea to especially make electronic purchases with a credit card as many card providers will add up to 1 year to the mfr's warranty. That said, it's always tough to pursue an issue that cannot be duplicated at the repair facility as there's nothing for them to repair. Have you tried connecting the AVR to other TV sets to see if the issue presents with them as well? Due to the number of times it's been in for repair as well as the level of the AVR, I would suggest to try to request Denon to replace it with a refurb if available, although note the refurb would likely only come with a 90 day warranty if your current warranty has expired. If the CSR is not being very helpful, ask to speak with the supervisor and explain your case to the supervisor for some possible relief.
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That's a major bummer Splicer, I'd be ticked.

This is going to sound crazy, but try swapping out the Hdmi out cable. I had a friend with an inexplicable picture performance issue that resolved itself when a new cable was brought in. Sounds crazy but the cable just stopped working properly after more than a year with no issues.
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a sad story...:-( A thought on the "remote issue" which might be related to hdmi problems. Maybe somewhere somehow, hdmi control functions have been turned on and the result is that problems with hdmi communication is resulting in the unit turning on and off.... make sure all hdmi control stuff is turned off everywhere. Just a thought.
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Thanks guys...Every cable is brand new, I bought all new while the AVR was sitting at Panurgy 'burning in' for 3 or 8 days. Good thought but not the solution in this case.

Another very good thought with the HDMI control (aka CEC control) but all are off.

At least I can use it for the Harbough bowl, thanks to the TV video not going thru...I can always be retro and get off my ass to turn the volume up/down. wink.gif

But just wait till Monday morning...ESPECIALLY should the 49ers not be victorious... biggrin.gif
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OK... depending on how much further "play time" you want to spend on it versus just "tossing in the towel", what happens when you totally disconnect every thing from the unit? after a "full reset"? anything change?... :-(

Further, personally, if it were me and the unit is out of warranty, I would pop to cover and check that the boards / cables are seated especially if it was shipped "a bit".
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If everything is disconnected then there is no way to observe anything...This only happens when using a HDMI input source, component to HDMI is no issue. Here is a video I made of what it does:

I have a better Vid but it is too long says youtube, so I have to edit it. Thoughts anyone?
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Not true... or at least not what you are trying to test and have already stated earlier... ie. the display on the unit goes blank along with the picture when volume is depressed on the remote. The purpose of the suggested test is to see what happens when nothing is connected..,., watch the display. Further, IF nothing happens (ie. the display stays on and moves the DB indication) then you can start adding things.... my guess would be just add the output of one hdmi and see what happens. My guess now is that you have "volume display" set for "screen" and that you have an hdmi output set for 1080p/60... along with something like scaler on with a-h, h-h set assuming those valid options (I don't have a 4310 but a 4308). Anyways, as I said it depends on your time and whether repairs can be made under warranty.

Having said that with your new statement "it only happens with HDMI connected as input", then I would suggest you check your scaler options AND turn off "ON SCREEN display" and see what happens.
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Was the video even seen? I know it is like 7-8 minutes long and I know not everyone will take the time, but closer to the end is the issue. I really don't care what it does or does not do when nothing is connected as the issue is with everything connected. I don't see where you are trying to go with this with the insistence of disconnecting everything. Denon (Panurgy) need to be the ones to figure the source of the issue when connected via HDMI out via HDMI. I am not trying to be a prick to you as I understand you are trying to help, just so completely frustrated at this point. There is no rhyme nor reason to the blacking out on its own, beyond using the volume control (and also the enter, stop, play etc...) causing blackouts as well. Audio is there faster than the pic comes back...well, it is all in the video. I will try putting up other vids I took last nighte.
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OK, got the original (Long 15 minutes) version posted. PITA to watch but it shows what I am complaining about. After this is posted I am going to contact 'Laurie' at Denon and provide the link as well as the link to 'Steve' at Panurgy. I can only hope Denon will make this right and give me a NEW 4310CI or a refurb'd 4311 since I doubt there are any more NEW 4310CI in their inventory since it was released 4 years ago...

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On the phone with Steve now. He wants it sent back to them to take another look. Here's hoping against hope Denon will make this issue right. redface.gif
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Sorry to hear your troubles with your 4310. I'll count myself lucky as mine has been working and is working fine still.

Hope Denon takes care of this for you.
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I'm using my 4310 for a 5.1 system (on Zone 1 only). There are times when I'd like to use a separate headphone amp to listen to the Denon DVD-3109 player that's connected to the 4310, while muting the speakers.

The Denon player is connected to the 4310 using DenonLink. That leaves the players' 2-channel analog and 5.1 analog outputs unused. So if I can't accomplish what I want using the DenonLink connection, is there a way to do it using the player's analog outputs?
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Why not use the most excellent headphone preamp built in??? I have found it to be superb quality.
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The built in amp isn't as good as my Burson amp.
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I've never done an ext HP workaround but I think there was one involving the FrontB speakers on certain Denons, but the 4310 doesn't have those. I can't think of a way to use DL and mute the speakers while allowing output to the HP amp.

I'd just run the player's analog stereo out directly to the headphone amp. That should yield excellent SQ. smile.gif
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Well here it is, a month later...no problem can be found @ Denon...but they aren't sending it back...they are sending a 'B' stock 4310...at least that is what I was told a week ago...still nothing... frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Splicer010 View Post

Well here it is, a month later...no problem can be found @ Denon...but they aren't sending it back...they are sending a 'B' stock 4310...at least that is what I was told a week ago...still nothing... frown.gif

Hopefully it will have the update NIC card in it. Good luck.
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surprising! ... :-)
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