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Help connecting PC to projector via receiver

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Ok, so I had a brainwave that projecting images from my PC for my clients would be a nice HUGE experience for them. My only problem is that I don't know if/how it can be done.

I have a Panny AE-700, ceiling mounted, which I regularly have HDMI running from it into my Yamaha HTR-6190 receiver and from there, into my PS3 for blu-ray/gaming and all is well with the world. I want to be able to hook my PC up through my receiver for video only (for now - one problem at a time). My video card only has s-video and VGA or DVI. What is the easiest way to hook that through my receiver to project onto my screen?

I tried just s-video in the Monitor Out option in the receiver and got nothin' out of my projector. Is there going to be a problem because I have HDMI running from receiver to projector? Would DVI to HDMI converter remedy my problem?

Help meeeee, please. I'd like to get this fixed up this week. Thanks a bunch!
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You can use an hdmi>dvi adapter or cable. adapters are cheaper generally. This is the least problematic solution. There could be an HDCP problem with the vidcard/rec/PJ. If they are all HDCP compliant you are less likely to have issues.

alternately, MOST receivers will allow you to input an analog signal and will output to any of its avail outputs (in your case, hdmi to the PJ) This is likely to only be output at 480i/p...meaning no HD passes, at any point, over vga/s-vid (limitation of the ports and restriction of HDMI/analog conversion). In the rec. check to see that you can set the output of your HDMI out to be the input of svid1, or svid2 etc.
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Ok, I did a little fiddling around and figured out how to at least get a picture. I just hooked the s-video through the "blu-ray" output and viola. That worked. My problem now is that I can only get a max. resolution of 1024x768. That is far from optimal for me, unless I like showing distorted images. How can I get a max resolution now?

My video card is an ATI Radeon HD3450 and I'm running Vista.
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If you want to get the image at the max resolution of your PJ, go with DVI>HDMI. s-video is not going to get you hi-rez images. I'm guessing your AVR is upconverting the signal from the video card and outputting a 720p signal to the PJ via HDMI. That adapter will allow you to send 1080p (or higher if the PJ will take it) over HDMI if the card/PJ are HDCP compliant or BOTH dont care if they are HDCP. Sounds like youre on the right track.
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