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Fluance AV-HTB+ vs Energy Take Classic

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I'm building a basement home theater. Room is approx 14X29, and is multi-purpose (rec room/home theater). I am planning on getting a Pioneer 1019 receiver, and am looking at budget range surround speaker systems. I've narrowed it down to the Energy Take Classic 5 Pack (the sub-free package) and the Fluance AV-HTB+. I will add a subwoofer to the mix (undecided on which one).

Video will be delivered by an Optoma HD65, projected onto a 100" Screen Goo painted wall.

Can anyone give me some help in deciding between the Energy and Fluance speaker packages?

I am going to wire for 7.1, but start with 5.1 and add two more speakers later. One thought I had was to mix Fluance towers with the Energy 5 Pack (and the sub to be named later) to give me the 7.1.
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the take classic might be small for your room's size
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That is a very big space, What is your budget? I would probably go with a speaker package from Elemental Designs:

3 A6-5T5-MTM speakers will run you $267 shipped. Those speakers with an A2-250 will run you $544 shipped and you can always add cheaper surrounds later on (some surrounds from Polk would compliment these speaker nicely and would be cheap).

Or get the 3 A6-5T5-MTM speakers and a BIC America F12 sub and you should come in around $480 or so shipped.
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I'm *trying* to keep the budget under $550 for speakers. And, I would like to get 5.1 sound for that budget.

I should clarify that the theater portion of the rooms is closer to 10x20. It is an open room, but there won't be seating beyond about 20ft from the screen/front speakers.

What about using the Energy 5 pack for the surrounds and center, and adding some inexpensive floor speakers for the fronts? (Fluance, Jamo, or something along those lines). The reviews I see seem to indicate the Fluance's best attribute is the towers, and the Energy's best attribute is the center. The Energy 5 pack can be picked up for $199 shipped from a lot of places. And, I can pick up Jamo E660 or Fluance AVFR towers for around $200/pr. That gets me 7.1 sound, once I spend $150 on a sub.

I may pick up a used sub, so I can get better quality for less money.

Thanks for the advice.
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If you're going to use Jamo or Fluance towers up front, you need the matching center too. I know for a fact the Energy center and Jamo do not mate well. Don't know how the Fluance would work because I've never heard them.

For the Jamo's you want to purchase this package for the front.
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Thanks, afrogt. I was wondering if they would match up.

Given this feedback, I'm thinking of the Energy 5-pack, with the addition of some Energy tower speakers.

Which begs the question:
C-300, or Energy TWR? Is the TWR more expensive due to the form factor, or will it have better sound than the C-300? Will the center speaker in the 5-pack match better with one of those tower setups?

It looks like I could get my choice of the c-300 or the TWR for $300/pair. Add $150 for a sub, and I'm now at $650, which is over my budget, but oh well.
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