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Help? Video cards.

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which one is better?
NVIDIA GeForce G100
NVIDIA GeForce 8200

i need some help. im picking out a new computer. i want to play games on it which is better for that?
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Hi Guy. I run a computer support company and build a lot of systems. I build all my own desktops. Also, I am a high-end gamer. You need to compare specs and prices. One of my go-too places is the tomshardware review site. Just Google it. That site does a super job of hardware reviews and comparisons. Check out the Charts area. You will get unbiased info tht you need. I'm not sure what your budget is, but a killer value for the dollar line of cards right now (June 09) is the ATI 4850 line of cards from various companies. I own two of them.

Good Luck,
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I agree with the guy above. I have a 4850 and LOVE it. Plus, you can get sound out of the hdmi port so it doubles as a digital sound card.
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I have to agree bang for buck the 4850 is one of the best you can get.
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