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built in TVGO

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do any lcd tvs come with a built in TVGO, a friend has a sony 44 inch and claims his does OTA
I am looking for a 19 inch for me or a 32 inch for my dad
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TVGO is an ATSC digital tuner USB stick so you can watch digital TV on a computer.

If your question is.... do LCD TV's come with an internal ATSC tuner to tune in over-the-air broadcast TV, the answer is Yes. ALL TV's made within the last 2 years have been required to have the ATSC tuner for digital OTA TV. There are still some left over "TV monitors" which do not have the tuner, or worse yet, have only the obsolete NTSC analog tuner, but a reputable dealer will only sell the newer sets. Computer LCD monitors will not have a built-in tuner, but smaller HDTV's will. Just look for the words "ATSC tuner" in the specifications.

If you have a Sam's Club near by, check out their Vizio 32" LCD HDTV's for $380. For that price, you could get two because the price for the smaller sets is not that much less.
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I think what you are asking about is Macrovision's TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS), correct? In which case, here is a thread showing all devices currently known to use TVGOS:

TVGOS ( TV Guide On Screen ) Devices
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