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How much pre-show do you do?

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Hi all,

Getting eady for our opening night this weekend - I hope the weather works out! I was curious what you do for your pre-show?

I start setting up about an hour and a half before showtime, and I start my pre-show disc one hour prior to start. Here is my normal pre-show:

1. Movie slides with movie music in the background for about half an hour. (Yes it is long, and no one is usually here that early, it is so I can listen to my favorite soundtracks while I finish the setup)
2. Then I have a five minute song from a kids movie (currently using from the movie Spirit) with a white screen. I have text on the screen that says, "Kids, Let's See Your Shadows!" (not my idea, from here or BYT) this gets the shadows on screen out of the way and they love running around doing this.
3. A video from Animusic 1 or 2.
4. A Pixar or other funny short.
5. The trailer for the next movie.
6. The old CERT intro.


That's usually it. Each movie I need to decide what animusic clip to show, which Pixar to show, and find the trailer for the next movie.

What about you? Do you make a custom disc for each movie, mostly the same each time, none, or something else?
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i don't run a pre-show i go straight for the movie i have the radio on though like the do at the drive in before the movie starts.
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I have Pandora playing through my speakers through my PS3 while it gets dark. So far, I have only used the "Scherrer Movie Night" intro that someone was creating and giving out on this site a while ago - it is pretty cool.

Sometimes, we allow the previews to be shown, like at a real movie theater, but that is it for the pre-show.
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I used to do a 10 minutes countdown form the drive-in series, a music video clip, a "Quiet Please," and a Looney Tunes cartoon that somehow fell in with the theme of the movie. Not that anyone ever noticed. You know, things like a clip of Sinatra and Elvis doing Witchcraft and a Bugs/Witch Hazel cartoon before Bewitched. I put in a Chilly Willy 'tune before The Day after Tomorrow. But no one ever noticed.

The kids just got bored and wanted the show to start and I don't think they really appreciate the Looney Tunes. So now I just do a Looney Tune (for myself and the other adults that DO appreciate it), the custom Fox Intro and then the movie.
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