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Training - The Most Important TIP of All
Author: Grayson Evans
How to best go about getting and providing training in our industry

It suddenly occurred to me that after all the TIPs I've given over the past years, covering a wide range of mostly technical subjects, I have missed the most important TIP of all: training and education. I guess I thought it was obvious since it's what I do. But thinking back, it's what I get the most questions on. So this TIP is going to be my advice on what I've learned over the past 15 years on how to best go about getting and providing training in our industry.

This TIP is targeted to the company manager/owner, but everyone can benefit from the advice.

Training vs. Education

Training, in my online dictionary, is the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior (we can forget the animal part for now). This is what I call the HOW part of knowledge. Education, in the same dictionary, is the process of receiving a systematic body of knowledge particularly at a school or university. This is what I call the WHAT/WHY part.

To learn any vocation, you need both the WHAT/WHY and HOW part. You need to understand the how does it work, why it works this way and the how do I make it work part. Usually in that order. This is particularly true in our industry since it is very physical. You have to be able to know how to design based on the WHAT and WHY and perform installation based on the HOW part. The goal of a custom design/installation company is to have a well educated and trained staff. This leads to more efficient design/installation, fewer mistakes, fewer service calls and, the holy grail, a higher revenue per employee.

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