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Which 52"-to-60" TV set would you recommend for the Panasonic DMP-BD55?

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I hope that this is the appropriate area for posting (if not, I apologize for this).

As I mentioned in another thread, speaking about BD80 vs. BD55, my Panasonic DMP-BD55, almost identical to my BD80, has been shifted and connected to my living room TV set, a 38" analog 4:3 Sony Trinitron KV-ES38, which certainly is a fine set, but it has started not to cover my - increasing - needs.

I am therefore looking for a 52" to 60" flat wide set, which has to be implemented with this player.

Initially, I had in mind the Pioneer Kuro Plasma sets (PDP-LX5090H, PDP-LX6090H, KRP-500A, KRP-600A), which I know that are excellent TVs, but there are two factors pushing me away from this choice: Their prices and - mainly - the fact that Pioneer stops their production.

In addition, I don't know if the VIERA link (which is an HDAVI control function) can be used on these Pioneer sets. If not, it may be one more discouraging factor for me.

Given that I am looking for a 52" to 60" set, my choice for it should cover the following needs:

- Big viewing angle (the CRTs, as we all know, don't have this problem)
- Satisfactory picture for TV analog SD material, especially on sports. Here we have PAL B/G system and the analog SD channels are many, still alive (and well). The SD material usually gets through with some childhood "deseases", like lines around the images, bad color gamut, etc., which I want to avoid as much as possible.
- Adequate connections layout for both types of devices, analog and digital.
- Adequate luminosity. It will be put in the living room, therefore there will always be some kind of environment light.
- Certainly, full HD resolution.
- With a price tag around the Pioneer Kuro 5090H, but certainly above the 50 inches of it.
- Link communication with my Panasonic BD80. This last one is a desirable feature, but it would not stop me from buying a set that covers everything else above.

Thanks in advance
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Happy with my Samsung 58B560, and liked the pq better than the Panasonics. I paid less than $2000us for mine, great set and incredible bang for the buck here in the states. It should do everything you want less the Panasonic link functions.

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Thank you, Mike, for your recommendation.

To tell you the truth, you are not the first one recommending a Samsung. What I need to know is if its viewing angle is adequate and if its contrast and "blacks" are any good.

Will you let me know?
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Viewing angle is fine for me, I really have had no issues with that, and have yet to have a complaint from other viewers who are slightly off angle of the set. In regards to contrast and blacks, I think it does a fabulous job. Maybe not as good as say a Kuro, but I would say very close. Shadow details are what got me, instead of looking washed out like on the 52" Sony XBR2 it replaced, I could actually see what was happening. The Panasonics I saw had a bit of a grayish look to them, the "G" panels. Now the Samsung, at least to my eyes, was much more pleasing to look at, especially in the darker scenes or when high contrast material was shown, like a midday desert/mountain shot.

And then we have the colors, very accurate in my book, a nice pop to them but not unnatural like some of the LCD sets I have seen. And I do not have the "Vivid" setting on to get the colors to pop, I believe it is in standard mode. I also like the 600mhz subfield, it handles sports like hockey very well, no motion blurring or screen door effect I get with my LCDs in the house. Waiting for football season to start, the main reason for getting this particular set.

I hope this helps, and these are only MY opinions as others will chime in with theirs. Very happy with my purchase and have had no issues with the set.

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Thank you again, Mike.

I'll consider Samsung very much. But, I need to see what's available in this area first. I'll be back after a small survey.
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I use a DMP 55 with a Pioneer Elite 141 with incredible results. I would recommend any of the PIoneer sets very highly. It is a reviewers dream, at least mine. Hopefully, I will get to Athens in September. Love it.
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Thank you, JWhip, or your time and your recommendation. As I said, Pioneer sets have been in the highest position of my choices. I am also considering one of them, too.

But I need a market survey first.
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I have this set and very happy.
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If you want something larger, you might consider the 60" PRO-151FD. I have last year's version, the PRO-150FD and am very pleased with it!
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