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I have a very strange phenomenon that maybe someone can help me with. I recently purchased a Sony DA2400ES receiver. I have a cable box, LG BD390 Bluray player, and an xbox 360 all connected through hdmi to my panasonic TH-42PHD8 plasma which only has 1080i. Currently I only have 3.1 speakers setup.

So here is the conundrum. The xbox 360 video does not always come through. The sound does but the video does not. I have done troubleshooting and it is not the cables. I have also found that when I switch to another hdmi input, switch on the device connected to that input and while it is turning on, switch back to xbox360, the video comes through fine. This is very repeatable. This sometimes happens with the bluray player but not as often and all I have to do is turn on and off the bluray. I have found that the xbox360 does not boot up unless the receiver is switched to that input and every single time, the audio comes through but the video does not.

Furthermore, the sony receiver has an onscreen gui. This gui also does not always display unless I run through the resolutions (by pushing the remote control button) all back to 1080i and then it appears. It is very strange. In fact, this is the second 2400ES I have set up because I thought the previous was faulty and got a replacement. It turns out, it is something in the switching or my xbox/bluray settings not corresponding very well with the receiver.

All the devices are set up to output a display of 1080i only (not auto) including the receiver. The cable box only has an auto feature.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?