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Can I get HD over the Internet?  

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Hi people

Living in the UK, I have no opportunity to see HD material, but being a HT enthusiast, I am obviously dying too!! Can you tell me if it is possible to view any HD channels via the Internet, using a broad-band connection (what bandwidth is required)? If there is no HD being streamed, could I download say a 1 minute HD demo? Surely these must be available??

Cheers Kane
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It is unlikely since not any broadband connection would support the 19.2 Mbits/second peak data rate of HDTV.
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Maybe the question was about slower downloading HD files and watching them for testing later. This should not be a problem

We have tried to get some material from the US to Europe and it was next to impossible. Everybody was saying that because of the copyright issues they can not realease any material. Finally we managed to get a short HDTV clip.

In fact we woud be very interested to get HDTV material
for testing, we have HDTV projector and HDTV computer monitors
and we expect plasma displays soon.

The question is: Could somebody record MPEG-2 transport stream off air of a program which we could download?[
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Yeah, all I want to be able to do is download 30 seconds of HD material, preferably 720p, but 1035i or 1080i would do!! The thing is, what spec PC would be needed to play it back correctly, and what software?

Cheers Kane

PS. I've been looking on Morpheus, but had no luck yet!
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Kane, a good resource for HD over IP is World Wide Packets web site below


The next generation will bring us Gigabit Ethernet where you will have HD on demand. WWP believes the future protocols are Ethernet based as opposed to the ATM/Sonet route. This will allow IP based solutions which HD content is just one.

Do a search on their website of HDTV and you will get 20 or so hits. Some are white papers that offer insight as to what the future holds.

Good luck.

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