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Originally Posted by Nlkko View Post

Do you guys have an "hiss" or a sound like a "shhhhhhhhhh" when turning your amp on with no sources ?

I can hear "shhh" sound if my ear is up real close to the speaker with the receiver volume turned up (-10) with no source.
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Thank for your answer.

Could you please make another test to confirm or not that my amp is defective. Can you go to "auto setup" then "AudysseyAutoSetup" and just wait that the amp's relay makes his "click". Just after the "click", does the loudness of the "shhh" change ? Or does it remain the same "shhh". In my case, after the "click", the "shhhh" changes drastically. I can hear it at several meters.

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Morning all,
I have recently picked up a 2310 to pair up with my Linn komponet 5.1 set and everything has been great.I have only played digital sources so far over hdmi and have had no issues.

However,yesterday i fitted QED uplay bluetooth puck to my analog Cd input this allowed me to do wireless streaming from my phone/tablet/pc etc however i noticed a large amount of background humming so started to do some investigation.

I began by disconecting the puck from the receiver the noise was still present, then trying other analogue channel which also showed the noise.

i then switched the amp to direct mode this removed the noise.

has anyone experianced this/have a work around or fix or how i should investigate further?

Kind Regards,

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Does the issue present with the TUNER playing? And you say you connected another analog source and the issue still presents when connected to each of the analog inputs? If yes, try disconnecting the power to the AVR for a few minutes and if still no joy reset the microprocessor (p. 70 OM).
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Does anyone know how to disable video scaling in the 2310 CI. I want to send a 1080P/24 signal from a BD player ( in source direct mode) & I DO NOT WANT the 2310 to do anything with the signal except pass it "untouched" to the TV.


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video scaling is set by input in the INPUT SETUP menu. Go to the Blu-ray input, open up the GUI and then go to Input Setup > Video.

simply turn i/p scaler OFF for that input and you are good to go.
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I have a new Denon DBT-3313 Blu-Ray Universal player and I have just connected it to my AVR-2310.

The DBT-3313 has 2 HDMI outputs, one for Video and Audio and one for Audio only.

I have the Video only HDMI connected to the HDMI1 input (DVD) on the 2310. Blu-Rays and DVD's display OK.

I have connected the Audio Only HDMI into HDMI2 ( HDP). I have set the Input Assign for DVD to HDMI2 and Set Input Mode to "HDMI" , but get no sound when settting the Source to HDP.

I want to have CD's playing through HDMI2, and having the receiver set to Pure Direct for stereo listening. I want to have the Video/Audio from Blu-Rays and DVD's playing through HDMI1 (DVD) and use whatever the sound mode is on the source ( e.g. DTS-HD master etc....).

If anyone has any thoughts on what may be wrong, it would be appreciated.

The Blu-Ray player is very new and it may be something wrong on the configuration side of it that is causing the problem, but it is set to output the HDMI to both ( Dual Mode)by default so I assume it is sending the audio out of both..
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You can't have two HDMI inputs assigned to the same source name (ie. cannot do the video from one and audio from another). Note also that the DBT-3313CI is designed to be ideally connected to either the new 3313CI or 4520CI to take advantage of the new Denon Link HD connection.
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Thanks for the response.

I eventually got it to work (double checked connections etc.. ) , and they are going through 2 different input sources DVD-HDMI1 for Video , HDP-HDMI2 for Audio.

I can now have the Audio coming through its own input and have it set to Pure Direct, and the Video with its own settings. Works fine.

The connection to the AVR-2310 is temporary, I have ordered the new AVR-4520, but they are in short supply , so will have to wait a little bit of time for it to arrive.

Looking forward to the bothe units working together, especially keen on the prospect of the HD link function for the audio side of things.
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Note that Pure Direct disables Audyssey so generally not a surround mode you want to use. Also, the new Denon Link HD currently only works with the new Denon 3313UDTI Blu Ray player.
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Thanks for the feedback.

I suspect it was not very clear what I have setup.

I have CD Audio being output from the Audio only HDMI output on the DBT3313 to the HDP (HDMI2) input on the AVR2310. This works fine, using Pure-Direct mode, for music only listening.
. No surround sound or Audyssey being used.

I have the Blu-Ray/DVD Video and Audio from the Monitor HDMI output on the DBT3313 to the DVD (HDMI1) input . This is not quite working properly.
The DBT3313 has 2 HDMI output settings, Bitstream ( default) and PCM.
When I tried playing the first blu-ray with DTS-HD sound, the "blue" light came on , but no sound at all.
I changed the Audio setting from Bitstream to PCM, and the sound came OK , using the MULTI-CH format.

Not sure why this is happenning. Not sure if it is a compatability issue between the 2 units. I am using the provided Denon HDMI cable between the DBT3313 and the AVR2310, so would expect it to work OK.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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This issue is likely resolved with a firmware update that came out a few years ago. If not already installed on your unit, contact your local Denon repair facility to see if they can update your unit for you.

Also have you compared PURE DIRECT to Audyssey with the CD source? confused.gif
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Once again thanks for your advice. I have not updated the firmware on the receiver at all and will investigate getting that done.

I spent some time with Denon support here in Australia yesterday and it does seem like there is an issue between the 2 devices. Both of them were reset and still no Audio using Bitstream mode. When I substituted my previous Blu-Ray ( Panasonic), the Bitstream Audio played perfectly. So definitely something strange going on.

I am very interested in your suggestion about comparing Audyssey with Pure Direct, it is something I have never done. I have always used Pure Direct for either CD source music or Digital music via Sonos.

Can you explain to me how this would work?

If I have CD (or Sonos) as a source and have done a complete Audyssey calibration, what sound mode would I set the receiver to take advantage of the Audyssey calibratio?.

My 5.1. speaker arrangement is as follows:

Front left and Right - Yamaha NS1000 Monitors ( 30 years old and soon to be replaced)
Centre - B&W HTM62
Surround left and right - B&W - M1 Satellites
Subwoofer - REL T3

Any advice appreciated.
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If you like to listen to music in stereo mode only then select STEREO. smile.gif
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It's been awhile since I've been on here and I know the answer is somewhere but I can't find it. Here's my setup. Motorola DVR-3400, Denon 890, Sony BDP-S570 Bluray, and Vizio E701i-A3 TV. Using HDMI to hook up TV to monitor out on Denon and Bluray to DVD in on Denon and DVR to DVR input on Denon, I know it'll work with the Denon on. However, will I be able to listen to TV with the denon off? I would still be using the DVR but I would be listening to the TV''s. I guess what I'm saying is the Denon while off or in standby mode would pass the DVR info to the TV and I would be listening TV through the TV's speakers.
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Yes this will work by setting the "HDMI Control" setting to ON (p. 30 OM) as well as the "Standby Source" setting (p. 30 OM) to the specific HDMI jack # the source device is plugged in to that you want to pass to the TV.
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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

Yes this will work by setting the "HDMI Control" setting to ON (p. 30 OM) as well as the "Standby Source" setting (p. 30 OM) to the specific HDMI jack # the source device is plugged in to that you want to pass to the TV.

Thank you JD. That works perfectly. Less cables to deal with. Will be a learning curve for the wife. Thanks for not flaming me about the search function also. I was up until 2 in the morning and the Denon manual was turning into greek. That is the worst manual. What's worse is I'm an electrical engineer (retired) and should pick up on it quicker. Again, thank you.
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Yeh .. that was me in the early years ... I've been at this for awhile now and have mellowed out considerably on the "Search this Thread" rant. smile.gif
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One more question. I'm using my 890 for switching between DVR and Blueray. The DVR is the pass thru source when the 890 is in standby mode. When passing the source thru to Tv is this passive? In other words is it like the 890 is not there and the hdmi handshake is TV to DVR or Is there a handshake with 890 to tV and Dvr. The reason I'm asking is because it seems to work ok mostly but occasionally the audio drops out and I have to turn on the 890 momentarily to get audio back. Just trying to figure out where the problem is. I have a E701i-A3 Vizio TV and a Motorola DCX3400 DVR. I have one of the early 890's that had a problem with some Blueray players where I have to set it (Bluray) to output PCM. I hope this all makes sense.
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The AVR is obviously involved as HDMI Control must be set to ON in order for the feature to work correctly. It does seem to be device dependent as to whether it works cleanly every time or sometimes hiccups.
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I have a AVR-2310 (not CI) with the known audio issues. I would like to download the latest firmare update (mine is 0.64) but the denon european site is not able to verify my s/n, so I cannot download the file. I didn't buy this unit in Europe, just an importer. Anyone could send to me, a proper link or email to download it???
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If you are located in Europe, you may also want to try posting on the European site, AVForums.com. smile.gif
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Thanks for your suggestion. I already tried. We'll see what happens. Anyway, there is no new activity since a couple of months in it...
By the way, I'm in Argentina, not in Europe. This makes harder to find the right file!
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I'd be happy to provide the US file to you, but it may "brick" your unit. eek.gif
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Most likely it will !! European version has some differences, like RDS on screen for radio and 7.1 pre out. Anyway thank you very much for offering it.

Perhaps another user will have the file. My serial number is not recognized in the Denon download site of Europe.
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Originally Posted by bakko919 View Post

Thanks for your suggestion. I already tried. We'll see what happens. Anyway, there is no new activity since a couple of months in it...
By the way, I'm in Argentina, not in Europe. This makes harder to find the right file!

Hi bakko,

I have the European version of the AVR-2310 bought from Germany, and I also have the European firmware version V0079 in a zip file (2.3 MB) and the software update guide in pdf (100 kB) stored on my PC.

If this is what you are looking for just drop me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll sent it to you right away. smile.gif
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Hi Mogorf !

Thank you very much! I already sent a PM to you with my email. So I look forward to try your firmware file! biggrin.gif
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Is there anyone tried and use the internet radio at all? I've connected to the network but it still cannot link to the internet radio, any advice? Thanks!!
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Which model do you have? You've posted in the 2310CI thread which is not network capable.
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