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1st Post here, will U.S. bd player work in Asia?

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This is my first post here so please excuse me if this has been asked before.

I have just purchased a Panasonic 42 inch plasma and would like to get the best from it. I am just starting to build a system and would like to start with a blue ray player.

I would like to know if an american sourced Panasonic BD60 will work in Taiwan? I am considering importing a player from the states as its much cheaper there. Just wondering if it will play without any glitches. My dvd's are NTSC 3 and I would like to like to use if for viewing blue ray movies and dvd's. Many thanks and congrats on a great forum!
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US sold players are fixed at Region A for BD and Region 1 SD-DVD. To make it work you'd have to "hack" or mod the player somehow to change the regions. Or you could buy a bunch of Region A and Region 1 movie discs too! There are mods for some US players and the Momitsu BD player is region free: Momitsu player thread

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Thanks Larry for your answer. I think that Taiwan is region A also for BD but region 3 for sd DVD which means that I cannot view locally bought DVD's but can use it just for BD without a mod. Ok, I will try to find out if it can be modded for region free DVD playback here. Many thanks for you help!
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I would suggest you review the Panny BD-60/80 thread to get a feel for whether you really want to ship a BD-60 to Taiwan just to save a few bucks - there have been more than enough reports of "freezing" or glitchy behavior that I would not want to buy one right now. Hopefully a FW update will come out to address those issues, but I wouldn't want to bet on it.

Are BD players that much more expensive in Taiwan that you really don't want to buy one locally?

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I think Taiwan has plenty of PAL DVDs (from Hong Kong and mainland China). Most US BD players can't PAL DVDs, region free or not.
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You may have to get a step-down transformer as well. This doesn't apply to all players - the Oppo, and the cheaper Sony and Pioneer players are generally multi-voltage.

DVD region-free hacks and mods are generally much cheaper and easier than BD region-free.

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Would you believe it seems that the PS3 is still the cheapest way into Blue Ray here in Taiwan so I think I will go with it and wait for the likes of the Oppo BD to become common here. Its a no brainer really as its 1/3 cheaper than even the Sony BD350. Thank you all for your help. Its much appreciated.
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I would vote for the Oppo, I'm not too far from you in Japan. I purchased an Oppo BD player and it performs well for me. You can also make it region free via firmware hack or just buy one already modded.
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