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Pc tv

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I think this is where this post belongs, there were some subjects that danced around the same subject but not exactly.

We don't have a satellite or Cable and don't want the monthly expense but since digital has been mandated by our bright Congress, we get spotty service from all the stations and some not at all and we only had 4 stations to begin with. I have a sizable investment in all the junk that was suppose to work, Antenna, signal boaster and digital boxes not to mention paying for labor because I can't do it and I am just throwing money away.

My first question is PC-TV any good and will it work with a 780K DSL line or does it need to be faster? For the 10 years preceding this digital fiasco we never watched anything real time, we have a Panasonic Showstopper with Replay TV, which is a whole other fight, right now we are only seeing one channel in the channel guide. Is there a way to replicate this kind of setup with a PC, where it will record what we want when we want it either to my VCR, DVD writer or Showstopper or to a file that we can watch later. I don't want to setup a Desktop computer in the living room and would like to have good quality video to my TV/Monitor and good sound if possible from a Laptop. The whole purpose for this computer would be for entertainment or more specifically to record TV programs. I have seen systems I know would do the job but they are all desktops and I was hoping to spend about $400, but will spend more if I have to. It doesn't really have to be HD, the digital box is only 480 and it looks fine, frankly I don't watch TV very often it is mostly for my wife, who deserves better than what she has now.

On the 780 DSL question, I guess I can just buy a simple program for $30 and see if it works with my desktop, I don't really want an added monthly expense, I want to do this right at some expense and then don't think about it for 10 years or so.

If you have any ideas or experience, please post them.

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You may want to check out Hulu.com and TV.com

Hulu will have shows from NBC, Fox and ABC while TV.com will have shows from CBS. Your download speed could be faster, but I would just go ahead and see how things look from your desktop (for starters).

If that works for you, there are a few things you could do to get the video to your TV. One method would be the laptop. You could also get an XBox 360 and use a program called "PlayOn" to stream the content from your PC to your XBox (which would be connected to your TV).

But I would start by visiting Hulu.com and TV.com to see if they have the shows you want, and if it works well with your current broadband connection.
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