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Receiver for PS3, PC, Xbox360

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Edit: I must be in the wrong forums or something. No help here.

I am really new to this audio receiver thing so can you guys please help me out.
I live in Canada, and having a hard time finding a variety of receivers like the US, so selection maybe limited.
This setup is for my bedroom ( I use my PC monitor for everything). I also live in a townhouse.

I think I have found a receiver that is budget and is a repeater, which is good for my PS3. Was wondering if you guys could verify this. This looks like a new model and there aren't many reviews.

The model I was looking at was
Pioneer 5.1 Channel HDMI Receiver (VSX-519V-K)

It dropped $30 CAD this week, and comes down to $269 CAD.

If this receiver is good, could you also help me in finding a good speakers system. I know there is another subforum for speakers and subs, but since I already am asking the receiver question here , I thought I may as well continue.

Keeping in mind this is for a small bedroom, and I live in a townhouse, could someone please point me to an under $150 - $200 CAD, PC (personal computer) like speaker system. There are 5.1 PC speakers systems for less than 100 bucks, so was wondering if there are speaker and subs around this price range.

Thank you
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Was wondering if these speakers were good for my budget.

JBL SCS145.5S . There is an online retailer selling for $180 CAD.


Impedance Surround/Center: 8 ohms
Subwoofer: 5 ohms

Sensitivity (0 VU)Surround: 86dB
Center: 86dB

I think the VSX-519V-K is rated 6 ohms.

C|Net gave it a decent review (rated 3/5).

What do you guys think? it looks like an alright budget system? for small room?

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