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Hello All,

Because I live in an appartment and just bought an integrated TV furniture I have to step back from my current 5 speakers system (Nautilus 804 and HTM1) to something more integrable, therefore I am still looking for great sound.

I have then read many topics here and listened yesterday bose systems (not for me) and loewe sound bar (which is an expensive YSP1100 sound bar with loewe brand stick on it) which was very very impressive. I really liked the sound and the immersive feeling, we are pretty much onto the scene ..

the issue is that when there is an front/rear action (cars, bus etc..for example), the sound is not so good, I was not able to feel the action as a 5.1 system, the front is great but not the rear.

I was wondering, do you know any system (now or near future) that can provide a sound bar for front with rear speakers and sub ? a kind of 3.1 system.

Another qq : Do you know when Yamaha will issue their new sound bar systems (including dolby true HD etc.) ?

Thanks in advance for your help