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Onkyo TX-SR606 problem (setup screen, upconversion)

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It feels like my receiver died (well, half-died) but... maybe it's a known/fixable issue or maybe I'm just dumb :-\\
Onkyo SR606
5.1 speaker setup
Video out: Pioneer 6020FD over HDMI
Tivo HD - HDMI
BluRay player - HDML
Nintendo WII - Component

everything used to work. Now HDMI inputs still works fine but when I switch to Wii I have the sound but no picture (get gray side bars and black screen in the middle). Furthermore, if I try to go into receiver's setup, I get same black screen with side bars. HUD on the receiver itself does show menu items.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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I dont have a solution, but my SR606 has started exhibiting the exact same behavior as of a couple of days ago. Nothing has changed with my setup, it just refuses to display anything other than HDMI sources. No component, no setup menu.
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Curious on this subject. I have something similiar that just happened after using this receiver for like 10 months.

I switch to the wii input on the receiver which normally upconverts and displays over HDMI, I get no video just audio. Also I cannot for life of me get the setup menu to show up on screen on any input.

Also my computer this morning was displaying 1080p and now I cannot do anything but 1080i.

As far as I know HDOptions should be Auto, Full, Audio out to TV disabled, xv color enabled.

You guys have any luck fixing these issues.
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Hey guys,

I have the exact same problem.

When i first purchased the receiver, everything worked fine.

Wii and 360 input via component.
PS3 and Cable and 360 #2 via HDMI.
Receiver to TV via HDMI

All of a sudden, the only thing that works are HDMI sources.

I also tried to use the WII composite video cable but to no avail.

For all sources other than HDMI, I get sound but no picture. HDMI sources work fine.

I also am unable to access the OSD. Again, OSD was working fine at first - I can't find any solutions to this issue online.

Any luck to you guys out there? I sure as hell hope i don't have to send this thing in for repair.
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same problem. everything worked fine but after two months of using the wii on it through the front aux jacks, hdmi upcoverting no longer works nor does the on screen display. has anybody tried reseting the receiver to factory settings? i heard this was done by hold down the vcr/dvd button and pressing stand-by.. im gonna try this later so i'll let you guys know if it works. thx
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I am experiencing the same problems. I thought I would live with it for a while and attempt to find a solution instead of sending it in. However, just recently it began to shut off when turned slightly past medium volume. It works flawlessly in 2ch stereo mode, but shuts off in any multi channel mode. I have check my connections, and even unhooked all speakers except the fronts in multi channel mode and it still shuts off. I realize this is slightly different than the problems you all are experiencing, but I now have this problem on top of basically all of the problems listed above. I just rewired everything directly to my TV, I guess I will attempt to send it off this week for repair.
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I have owned a 606 for over a year. A few months ago, I lost the ability to get to the setup menu. All else worked fine.

I did a factory reset of the receiver and it has been working fine ever since. Must have gotten confused somehow.

All my connections are HDMI so no conversion or upconverting in my system.
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I did a factory reset but when I hooked everything back up I lost all HDMI capability. Before the reset I could atleast pass my dish receiver through HDMI. My problems started with the loss of the on screen menu.
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Same issue...only hdmi sources work. No setup menu no mic menu. Owned for maybe 11 months now. Already tried resetting; Same results. Has anyone had any luck?
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I have to join the list above

My SR606 died like described above this weekend. HDMI works but component does not. Audio OK. No OSD menu. After a reset it works again but (initial tests) shows that i dies after a couple of hours.
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I had the same issue. No video from OSD or non HDMI sources.
Got it repaired under warrenty and started working fine. BUT Wait... It worked only for two weeks and went bad with exactly same issue.

Is it possible for all TX-SR606 owners to send a letter / fax requesting for a product recall or take some legal action against Onkyo?
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Bump. Same here. Got everything connected through HDMI and now the Monitor out (svideo) for the setup menu will not work. WTF....
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I too am having signal problems with the 606, but mine are all HDMI related. I either get no signal or a scrambled signal. I've always had HDMI hand shake issues and would have to power cycle multiple times to get blu-rays to play, but I always thought it was the BD player itself. I realized it was the receiver when I recently moved it from my living room to the theater room to replace a Denon 3808 (I'm selling the home). I guess since I have a projector and fairly long cable runs, it's just too much for the 606 to handle???
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I just unplugged mine from the wall for about 30 mins and now it is all working again. Very strange. Onkyos are so quirky sometimes. I'll never get another one.
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My Onkyo is reading all other HDMI things except my Blueray it worked great for about 10 months. If I plug into tv, Blueray works fine but I did not buy this receiver to to that.
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Mine started out just like yours and now it does not read the blueray at all
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I just registered to post my solution in this thread.

I also have an SR606 that I purchased in January of 2009 where the HDMI Through suddenly stopped working (I could get a signal from my PS3 connected through HDMI no problem, but my PS2 connected through Component or my GameCube connected through S-Video suddenly started transmitting only audio, but no video. I don't know when this started, as I rarely use these devices). I could also no longer see the OSD menus, even when displaying an HDMI source on my TV.

The solution I used was to unplug the reciever for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. After that, things seemed to be working again (and I didn't have to reset any of my settings).

I read on some other forums that people have had to send their units in for repairs to rectify this. I think I'm still under the 2 year warranty, but I don't want to unnecessarily send it in if power cycling the unit is all it takes to fix the problem.
I'm worried this may be the start of a more serious issue though, and I'll no longer be under warranty by the time it completely manifests itself (in other words, if it starts happening again and power cycling no longer works).
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Ended up here from Google (what did we do before?) and grateful for the knowledge that unplugging for a while does the trick for restoring the setup OSD (it did). At the moment I'm all HDMI so will have to see how the component in works (or not!) having just bought a Wii.
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Hi! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is having the same issues I'm having with my SR606. After nearly 3 1/2 years of flawless functionality pushing sound and video to my home theater (Blu-Ray via HDMI, FiOS via HDMI, HTPC via component, and Wii via component), the SR606 stopped upconverting component to HDMI. I can get it to work sometimes by turning the receiver's power on and off a bunch of times, but that's just frustrating and probably very bad for the receiver.

After reading this, I've unplugged the receiver and I will try it again in about 20 minutes. Regardless of the results, thanks to everyone for posting your fixes.
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Same issue, damn! So is power cycling it the only solution? Does a repair fix this issue?
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