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dear all,

this problem is so annoying it is driving me crazy , here is my setup in brief:

BDP: LG BD300 (HDMI to Amp)
Amp: HT-IS100 (HDMI to TV)

first of all let me stated that i am truly aware the Sony IS100 is NOT capable to decode HD audio (TrueHD, DTS-HD MA) but it can handle LPCM 5.1/7.1 at 96kHz or less (according to manual), so i reckon i have two options when enjoying Blu-Ray movies:

1. do decoding at my BDP and send LPCM signal to my Amp
2. send bitstream to the Amp directly and let it "downgrade" to DD for TrueHD and DTS for DTS-HD MA.

ok, the "downgrade" option described above works fine but i wanna try something better (i.e. option 1). so i check through the manual (see the manual extract in the attachments) and on my LG BD300, set digital audio out to "[PCM Multi-Ch]". however under this setup, the IS100 always shows the input as PCM 2.0 - i m absolutely clueless and local LG support seems unable to help me - anyone has any idea?

* there is a note on the LG manual which said "When [HDMI] option is set to [PCM Multi-CH], the audio may output as PCM Stereo if the PCM Multi-Ch information is not detected from HDMI device with EDID", i dunno how EDID comes into the picture and how i should resolve this... the IS100 have two sound field settings "Auto Format Direct Std." and "Auto Format Direct Multi" - i really dunno... (again see attachment)

appreciated for any kind of help,