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Aged AE700U Lamp - Suggestions?

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Well, my original lamp has done about 2600 hours on it and it's getting a little dim - i can't remember if its dimmer than it was when I first bought it, but can only assume its because the lamp is getting old. I've had to replace the power supply on it myself and now I'm just wondering what I should do.

Should I spend the 300 bucks on a new lamp?
Should I spend 200 bucks on the bulb and put it in myself?
Should I look into buying a new projector?

I read that some other blue thing inside the projector also goes after some time, so I don't want to get into a situation where I buy a new lamp and then it breaks on me again and I have to spend another 600 bucks.

I'm thinking the best bet is to find a cheap bulb anywhere but I can't seem to do that.

Anyone have one of these lamps sitting around, used, that they want to get rid of? Preferably less than 500 hours on it?
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Thats where i was at a few months ago, i did go ahead and replace the lamp, but about 500 hours later i have the issue with the blue streaks on the screen, which after taking the PJ apart i have found appears to be an issue with the incidence polarizer,

I actually just posted a thread seeing if anyone knew where to get the polarizer kit, as i am still willing to throw some more dollars at the old girl, after i did the bulb though it looked great again, even though these projectors are starting to get a little old
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Where I am now too; my AE700 actually tells me to replace the lamp when I turn it on now. I keep wanting to turn it into an opportunity to upgrade to a 1080 though. Just have to keep saving and hope the 700 keeps going...
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My bulb just went on my IN72 and I think I'm going to upgrade to a 720p. It's a little more then twice the cost of a replacement bulb but at least it will have a warranty.
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I think I'm pretty happy with the panny to be honest - my main fear is this polarizer stuff, but thus far its been a pretty solid machine. So I think I would look for a new bulb.

I'm really tight monetarily though - I know on ebay I can get the bulb for about 200 bucks, 300 bucks if I want the whole case with it. Anyone have suggestions on where I could get it semi-used and/or cheaper? Used is a little tricky since I would need to be able to trust the guy, which is unlikely.
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I am in the predicament of needing to replace the second lamp. It seems to work but periodically it goes blank and after a few minutes turns back on and stays on for the rest of the evening. Panasonic says it is the bulb. It has 2600 hours on it. I don't want to buy a new projector until LED bulbs are available. I haave found several sources on Amazon that have replacements for about $76. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of these? Thanks.
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I am still holding on to my 900.

Be careful though. The OEM bulbs are far better than the made in China cheapies sold on eBay and Amazon.
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