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Seeking Guidance on Speaker set up

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I've recently moved into a new home; I'm looking to purchase a new LCD and surround sound for my den. The TV would be mounted above the fireplace and there are built-ins on both sides.

I'm seeking a speaker set up (fronts & center) that will provide a clean look. I'm also trying to avoid the bookshelf speakers and the center that would sit on the mantle.

I had an A/V guy come out and price out a bunch of equipment and installation, however, I've yet to receive the quote. The gentlemen mentioned a type of speaker that would bolt to the tv's mounting bracket and sit flush on both sides of the tv; serving as both the right, left and center speaker.

Is anyone familiar with such a setup?

Do you have any suggestions or comments on such a design?

This is just my den, however I want good sound for around 2-4K. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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Yeah, he is talking about a sound bar (front 3 speakers in one cabinet or all 5 speakers). I would not go that route. They are expensive and not as good as separate speakers. They play tricks on your ears to create a surround field. It works and is great for bedrooms, but is not true surround sound.

Go listen to as much as you can. speakers sound different to everyone and YOU need to pick them out. Not some guy who took measurements and is telling you what you need. You have a good budget and you can get some nice stuff. There is a lot out there in your range.

Find local dealers and see what they have. Take notes and bring your own music/movies (ones you really know well).
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I'm not sure if hes talking about a sound bar, there is a company that make speakers that mount on each side of the tv that just does the left right and center, you still need surrounds for it.
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