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Reciever+transmitter xbox360

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I have a question about the xbox360 controller.

The xbox360 controller can transmit to a limit of 30ft away. I know that if I added a 7dbi antenna to the flat bar next to the RF crystal that it would boost the signal by atleast double.

I have read this before just need to make 100% sure, but my questions is if I passed 2v through the antenna by soldering and added items would that also increase the range?
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No, I don't think that will work. The 360 controller doesn't use the IR sensor. That is for the remote you can buy. The controller uses radio waves, similar to a cordless phone. I don't know how you could boost that signal.

Why do you need to be further than 30' to play games?
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This is a direct quote from the guy. The bottom part has the adding 2v idea. Maybe its not just adding 2v, but doing more too.

"there is a solution...if you know enough about electronics. It can be extended by 15-22 feet by using a scorpion power amplifying IC chip, a 10k ohm resistor, and an antenna from the linksys USB WRT54GS. Open the controller for use in steps ahead. solder on a wire to the antenna to lengthen it. I used 30 gauge since the plug and charge slot is right where the wire has fit and still allow the controller to close. Basically either just run the antenna and solder it to long metal bar just above charge spot, that's the RF receiver/transmitter. Once thats done hot glue the antenna somewhere on the back under side of the controller for convenience. If you still need longer range. Get the chip and solder the resistor to the far left bottom hole in the board. It's where there's 3 gold rings. Far left is DIRECT power supply hence needing the resistor at that point, as it turns the scorpion chip from 10V to 3V there by allowing enough juice to boost, but without expending your battery in like 2 hours. Run positive from board...gold ring...to pin 1 on the chip, so it gets positive polarity...and then run the negative wire from the board to the antenna. Then add another wire from where you soldered the negative to the antenna and it goes to pin 4 and 8. Circuit is complete and adding 3V more boost without DIRECTLY Overboosting the PCB board and frying your controller. BTW negative is reversed on matrix style boards...but those are almost completely impossible to get a hold of because they're not made anymore as they were the first PCB design by microsoft at launch time. Wiring is same for all other wireless controllers PCB types. Hope this helps. Extended my range 37 feet. BTW, you're welcome."
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