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PSB Alpha vs Paradigm (Monitor 7, CC290 and PDR10)

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I have a budget of ~2k for my home theater sound system (no music). I need everything : 5 speakers, sub, receiver. The room is 17x21

I visited two stores and one of them was selling a set of PSB Alpha (T1 fronts, B1 rears and C1 center) along with a Sony amp (http://www.sonystyle.ca/commerce/ser...40n32100n46020) for 1800$ (CAD).

The other store suggested a Paradigm sound system : Monitor 7 v6 fronts, CC290 center and PDR10 rears. The guy also suggested a Yamaha RXV-465 receiver. Sadly, I didn't get to ear this one yet since they were out of stock. His first price was 2500$ but if I buy everything I'm confident that I can get the whole thing for 2300$ or so. I will return later this week to try it out and see for myself how it sounds.

Which deal do you think makes more sense? Any inputs on those 2 sets?

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Hmm... can't go wrong with either PSB or Paradigm for HT application. Though nowadays I prefer PSB better. I'd avoid Yamaha receivers. If possible a Marantz, if not Onkyo.
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If it were me I would drop the sub and rear speakers for now and spend more money on the front sound stage whether it's Paradigm or PSB.

Maybe audition the Paradigm Studio 20's V5 (not including stands) and maybe the Studio CC-490 centre. You could get this for under $2000 and leave you more money for a decent receiver.

But that's just me.
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I finally got to hear the Paradigm. The setup vas monitor 7, cc190 center, same rears and I do not remember which sub it was (I got it written somewhere though). I loved it, it sounded way better than those PSB Alphas to me. The deal sure is a little bit more expensive, but the 12" sub looks like a better alternative for my room (17x21). And I'll prolly be going with a Pioneer receiver (VSX-919AH-k if I remember correctly).

I originally thought of getting cheap rears and change them later on, but I was really blown away by this setup. If I get this, I don't think I'll want to upgrade anytime soon.
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Yo he conseguido las PSB Alpha's junto a un onkyo THX 616, estoy a la espera que me llegue para ver como es el sonido probandolo con mi repertorio de musica mp3, aac, cd's. He leido buenas referencias
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