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Hi guys,
My goal is to capture footage of gameplay from my xbox 360 onto my laptop (Alienware M17x) in HD. I currently have the HD PVR device however I run into an error when installing the packaged Arcsoft TotalMedia Extreme software. It seems to have a problem with the file D:\\TME\\ When calling tech support, they mentioned that they'd never received a call regarding an error like that and didn't know what to do. I'm running Vista 64-bit and made sure that all applications were closed during install, but I still run into the same problem.

It seems to me like I may need to find another supported software. I've heard that SageTV works well with the Hauppauge HD PVR, and that MediaPortal has support for it. I don't really have much money to my name (having just bought that Alienware) so I'd prefer to not pay for software, though if it's necessary I will. Do you think that MediaPortal will be able to do the job? If not, will purchasing SageTV solve my problems? Thanks in advance.