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Got a new samsung pn58b54/ issues with 1080p through xbox 360

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Just got a new samsung plasma. Hooked up the 360 thru hdmi and set it to 1080p. For some reason when its set to 1080p i get get alot static and fluctuating pixels. I tried messing around with some of the settings but it still does it. But when i set it back to 1080i or 720p the problem goes away. I've checked the cables and the inputs and everything is in working order. The only thing i noticed is that when i change the picture modes on the tv it seemed to be better in some settings than others. I havent gotten to deep into setting up the tv yet, im still waiting on the calibration DVD.

My question is, is this something related to the xbox or do i need to wait to get the tv calibrated and broken in?
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Heres a pic of what im seeing. It also distorts the sounds when in 1080p as well.

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That does not look very good at all. I would check with another 1080p signal, like blu-ray, and see if the problem is there. Also, try and change to another HDMI port and cable. Maybe that one is bad? Lets here from some other posters, and give it a day or two. You may have to return it..

Maybe the scaler in the 360 is bad, and is adding artifacts?? Any way you could try someones Xbox? Tell them 'byo-xbox' and have a gaming party with the new 58!!
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Try another XBox. Probably the XBox is going bad "somehow".
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Check your HDMI cable, maybe try a different one
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I tried a few different cables, same brand and type though.

I wish I had another 1080p device to hook up to it. I have a laptop with HDMI output but im concerned about hooking it up before the tv is broken in. The only reason i tried the xbox was to see how it looked.

The 360 is brand new, my old one got the ring of death last week so i just picked this one up.

I'll try and get a different brand cable to see if it makes a difference.
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By all means, connect the computer to the tv! Just don't leave a stationary image like your desktop on the screen for a long perid. Try with the old cable and a new one if you can get your hands on one. Use the same and a different input as well.
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Well, I deal with XBox 360s on a regular basis, it's a part-time business. My own personal Elite 360 will not output to 1080p for some reason. It will ONLY show resolutions for a PC rather than the standard 480p/720p/1080i/1080p options. So I can only output to 1280x720 which is 720p. Doesn't bother me since the 360 doesn't even display games in 1080p anyway. But like I said, if you have a friend with a 360 with HDMI, try the same cable with yours and see what happens. There are a LOT of weird problems with the 360...trust me.
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My Xbox 360 works just fine set to 1080P connected to my Panasonic Plasma. Or should say NOW connected to my Onkyo 806 and then from the Onkyo to my HDTV. It's about a year old Arcade with a 120 gig HDD attached. I got it shortly after I got my HDTV just so I would have the HDMI port as my Original Release version didn't, and never had a RROD problem either.
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That looks like minty fresh gum xbox.
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