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Originally Posted by Papabambam View Post

Hey guys, I saw many other models had their own "official" thread...so, why not one for ours? I don't really care which direction this takes, as long as it's on the topic of this camcorder. I just bought the HF20 yesterday (and am also a quasi-newb), and will be reporting in the days to come. Some possible topics of discussion:

Discuss your experiences shooting different scenes (outside, indoor with low light, outside under street lights, etc.) and the settings which have proven most successful under those conditions. If it's a custom or manual setting that has best served you, please provide those settings, as well!

What are you experiences with the supplied Pixela software? What software have you had most success in editing, etc. with? What do you think is the minimum specs for a computer to smoothly edit/render these buggery AVCHD files? This seems to be a common problem.

Any comments on accessories. Off brand extra batteries/chargers, additional lenses (wide-angle, etc.), microphones, even tripods, camera bags, whatever!

Anyway, I hope you guys find some interest in this. I look forward to sharing/learning from you all! Alright, enough of the Kumbaya...Have fun!

Sweet! Was hoping somebody would do this!

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When I film with my Canon hfs20, on manual, @2000 fps, and THEN I hook up the Camera to my computer and check the brand new MTS files fps attribute, while it is STILL IN the camera, it displays a frame-rate of 29.97 fps, to "double check," I import it into After effects, , it STILL shows 29.97 fps.

The Original Plan:
1) Film @2000fps,
2) Import video into After Effects,
3) Use Twixtor Pro to "slow it down", changing the frame rate to 24-30 fps,
4) Voila! Slow motion video

BUT... it seems I am stuck right from start.
BEFORE, perhaps suggesting a better way to do it.
How do I ensure I have the 2000 fps? or is it a "false" frame-rate not REALLY encoded into the video?
It seems even though it shows I am shooting at 2000 fps, that the finished video is always 29.97 fps.
Is there any hope? lol
Thanks in advance!
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I think you are confusing frame rate with shutter rate.

1080i framerate is Always 29.97fps.

You could have each field be 1/2000 of a second shutter rate though....
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I believe Even if you set to shoot 24fps, it still records 29.95 fps, but plays it back with an embedded 3/2 sequence which brings it to 24fps
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You have to "detelecine" the footage for it to be "P". Try handbrake.com (free ware). You can use 3:2 in the custome detelecine setting or default also appears to work. for 30P the pull down is 2:2.
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Transfering Video Back to Canon camcorder for playback.

Wow...it's been a while since someone has posted on this thread...I hope someone sees this smile.gif

I am trying to transfer video that I originally took with my Canon HF20 back to the camera... These files are probably over a year old... I have been pretty good about retaining the file structure (and file naming) as it was exported out of the camera...

For some reason, using the Canon provided software, I cannot transfer it back to the camera...

I recall a while back that there is a technical workaround process to get video back onto the camera, but I can't find it by a Google search or anything... I hope hoping someone here knows how to do this...

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Class 10 cards have really fallen in price recently!

With the firmware update this camera has really impressed me with the flexibility of media & pix quality!
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