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A little update since people are asking...the BBV2 should be playing in my HT by the end of the month, just need to assemble the crossover. It may take some time to tweak things, but for the most part it should be a done deal soon. As for the NQ I'm not sure what I'm going to do. The QSC is back but who knows for how long? The Eminence drivers shot up in price. I'm still trying to find a "high end" compression driver. The budget model uses teh DE160 and that is what I've been using matched to the 3012HO woofer for almost two years, but I really wanted to find a driver that let me implement the design philosophy fully and the DE160 must be crossed too high to do that (still sounds really good though). I do have a couple horns and compression drivers for auditioning to shed some light on the matter but all that takes time. And right now it is summer and the priority is: drink and chase women, finish a center channel for a friend (with AMT tweeter, kinda neat), help another friend finish his basement home theater including the sound system which is my design, finish the BBV2, do some projects to test a few tweeters and woofers for future projects, finish my Statement Monitor build (had the parts since so why not?) and finish my multi subwoofer build. In that order. Checking out leads to decide how to complete the NQ isn't going to happen until winter.

Augerpro, I should be getting the first run of fiberglass SEOS models any day now. As in the ones made in the US. I'm still working on pricing the plastic models. They will be priced good enough for the average DIY guy. Actually, the plastic ones will be priced about like the QSC is, maybe less if I can get it worked out.

Also, I'm close enough to Eminence to buy their stuff in bulk and get decent prices. Just let me know what you need for the project. I did buy 26 of the Deltalite 10's and 26 of the Deltalite 12's. I think they were about $137 each. They are light enough to ship 2 in one box for less than the price of shipping one of the previous MFW 15" subwoofers I was shipping. Might even be able to get 4 in one box and still keep shipping around $10 each.

And if that's not enough, I know a CNC company that can cut flat packs however you may need them. Their prices have been very good.
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I like the horns you guys have been developing, I'll have to try some this winter.

Would the CNC company be ok with one-offs? I have like 3 designs in my head but woodworking makes everything slow to a crawl for me. And pretty much stops in the winter, so it would be nice to have someone else do the cutting.

I can get pretty good prices on Eminence too, it is all the people who wanted to build this that have a problem.
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No, the company that did the flat packs will only do larger orders. I'm looking for a smaller company to do smaller quantities, but I doubt there will be anyone that will do only 1 enclosure. The programming of the machine will take too long to justify it.
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