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Looking for sono tube parts

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looking for sonotube parts. I am looking for built out tubes with no speakers. Do they sell them? i do not have any wood working tools to do it. I wanted to place a Rythmik 15 in one. Thanks
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i don't know anyone that sells them like that, they would be crazy expensive to ship. your best bet is probably to find somebody in your area who sells the tubes, then you can get somebody to cut the end caps for you. i would try to find someone local for this as well, but i know elemental designs will do it and ship them to you.
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Bummer you live so far away. I had my Sonosub up for sale and since I had no takers I am about to take out the driver and probably trash the rest.
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Well, you can call up the makers and find the closest distributer, whom will usually will cut it to the length you want. That's one part done.

Then, you can email elemental Designs (eD), who do custom woodwork. MKtheater had them make a whole bunch of them for his epic sealed setup, and he said that their prices are really quite reasonable. All he had to do was mount the driver to the baseplate, slide the assembly into place in the tube, and wait for the glue to dry. About as easy as you can make it!
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thanks i will see what there prices are. i iwll also look at some local wood worker.
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I would also recommend checking out concrete supply distributors for your sono-tubes. They sell the real deal tubes which are round concrete forms used for pouring concrete piers and pillar supports. I've seen mentioned by DIY'ers that the tube stuff from the big box retail stores is a lot thinner than real sonotube (or similar) type material.
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have you put that driver into a sonosub worksheet? you need to make sure it doenst have to much "sag" as the driver is mounted face down. also i live in dallas and built a sonosub that i am thinking of selling to change the tuning, color of the carpet and end caps. if you think this tube would work for you let me know and maybe we can work something out. i think materials wise i have about $70 into it and $130 labor in it. i did make a couple of mistakes on it but it looks good and plays really well with my driver and plate amp...
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Look in the phonebook if you have a "Whitecap Building Supply". I beleive they are national. I bought mine from them and they were very helpful.
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