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I have a Harmony 1000 Remote Control. The tv I own is a 56" Samsung DLP. Connected is a Wii, XBox 360, Sony Blu Ray, HD Direct Tv DVR, and a computer. I also have a Yamaha Stereo Receiver. I have set up my remote for all of these devices and it works great. My problem is this:

When I turn the tv off on a particular input (such as PC input) the remote should remember that input. What happens is when I turn the tv back on by hitting the PC device logo, everything turns back on the way it should until the remote sends a delayed input signal changing the input from the PC (which is how it loads back up) to the next input on the tv. If I hit a different command such as watch tv everything works great because it will change the tv from PC to the correct input. I guess the main issue is the input always gets changed when powering up my system when the remote should remember the previous shutdown settings and not change the input if the tv is started by the same setting from the power down. Any help would be greatfull.