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I am late to the plasma world and just joined this forum to learn more...I just purchased a 58" PV10. I am super excited about it...went from a 47" rear projector to this TV and am super impressed! I now need to learn all about Blu Ray and I will be all set, went with Pioneer Elite for an updated receiver with HDMI etc.

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I had to replace my modem and got hooked upto the internet using a WPA security, but now I can't Viera Cast nor get on the internet with my 58v10. There is no place that I have found to enter my WPA security key. Do I have to disable the WPA to get it to work?

My Panasonic 85K is able to get on the internet, and I just loaded the latest update to day.

My Onkyo 3007 and my Direct TV is in the same boat, because they have no place to enter the WPA security key.

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Originally Posted by moparz10 View Post

no netflix yet.

I thought us 2009 owners were sol with the netflix update? Did I miss some news?
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I get Netflix via my BD65
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Can anyone speak to a good brand and model of an articulating wall mount? I have looked on the net and searched this forum alot but I can't seem to find a good answer to this. Thanks for the help.
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Just purchased a TC-P65V10 and want to update the firmware. I know it will update automatically when connected to the Internet but unfortunately I don't have a connection in that room just yet so I want to use an SD card. Would someone please post a link to the Panasonic support page with updates for the V10 series. I've been all over their website and he forums and can only find the 2010 model firmware page. Thanks!

Right after I posted this message I did a plain Google search instead of just searching the Panasonic site and found it. If anybody is interested, here is the link:

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What factors go into achieving the level of fluidity sets have on in-store displays? This is a really hard question to articulate, even harder to show heh, but I'll try. I picked up my V10 earlier this year and its a great TV, but Im confused as to why I cant recreate that in-store effect.

Most of the sets I see in the store have this insane refresh rate that makes the picture incredibly smooth, no ghosting etc. But in home, I have not been able to recreate that effect on any of my devices or channels etc. Is it the TV limits or the source of data?

For example, using my PS3 to play blurays at 1080/24 and setting the TV to 96hz still does not make the picture look as good as in-store displays. The picture looks great, but you can still see the slight "choppy" frame rate (for lack of a better word). Is the effect Im trying to describe just not possible on this set?
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what tv stand and home theater systems are you guys using with this TV?
tough decision to make especially for the audio...
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I use Standout Designs Horizon N702 plus. It meets my needs very well in terms of build quality, looks, compartments for my equipment, ventilation and cable management.
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Using a Walker Edison V60EC1BL with my P65V10 so should work well with a P58V10 as well.

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thanks for the feedback
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Oh you mentioned what home theatre systems as well. Sorry missed that the first time.

We have an older Onkyo TX-SR603X that we're using along with Polk speakers (front, rear, center channel and powered-subwoofer). These were a Christmas gift from my wife about 5 years ago.

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Originally Posted by fliime View Post

what tv stand and home theater systems are you guys using with this TV?
tough decision to make especially for the audio...

I'm using a Salamander tripple. The height is perfect when seated on the sofa - eyes level with screen just below center. Using high quality wireless headphones for audio. They work well for watching movies when kids are in bed at night or they're doing homework.
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i have a panny 58v10. i rarely use vieracast due to the fact that i use the features on my sony bdp-n460 bluray. today i took the ethernet cable out of the sony and put it in the panny. it updated the software to 1.30. now, when i go to vieracast, i get the small tv in the center of the screen, but the rest of the screen is a solid purplish color(i'm color blind). there is nothing else displayed. what gives? i have the update on an sdcard as well and thought i might manually update again, but have no clue how to. is this a known issue or did i get a bad update? thanks in advance for any input.
by the way- i have a 5 year ext. warranty through 6thave.com if needed. hope i don't.
UPDATE- nevermind. turned out to be an issue with my router settings. all is well now.
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Question for owners;

I am looking to both auto power on, and auto power off the TV. It seems like I can only do one or the other, is there any way I can do both? I have updated the firmware.

There's not a problem with waiting for 10 mins to power off.

FYI, the reason I'm looking to do this is to avoid having an IR remote out to power the tv on and off. Currently, I am running everything else off an iPad, through the Roomie remote app, but there's not an easy way to get an emitter to my tv. I'm trying to avoid picking up an iTach wifi2serial.
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I am looking for a table stand for a Panasonic TC-P58V10. Anyone wall mount their screen and still have the stand in your attic or basement and willing to get rid of it?

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Getting ready to cut the cable cord and wanted to canvass P58 owners who may have already done the same.

The configuration I'm contemplating would have the ability to record OTA HD AND video from a streaming player but not quite sure it's possible.

Anyone have their components set up that way?

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I cut the cord about 2 years ago. My setup is a Tivo so I can record OTA and I also have an Apple TV. I've been thinking about buying a Roku since it supports additional providers such as Amazon. The Roku is a better bet if you plan on storing video content on a local computer/server since it has a Plex channel. The Simple.tv is an intriguing option too that I've been looking at. Back to my current setup of Tivo and Apple TV, when you factor in a Netflix subscription that covers about 90% of the programing I watch. If you are a big sports fan, cutting the cord will leave something to be desired. Good luck!
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I tried searching for a solution, but cannot find one.

When I turn on the TV, a 4:3 black screen with the grey vertical bars appears until a source is sent to it, then it goes full screen. My Marantz preamp takes about 10 seconds to come on...looks tacky with the grey bars on the screen. Does anyone know how to change the start up display to 16:9 prior to a source feeding to the unit or to make the grey bars black?
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If you go into the TV's Setup menu then in Image Retention you can turn off the gray bars so it only shows full screen black when the tv starts. If you never watch 4:3 material then just leave them off. I watch a lot of it on my St30 and never use the gray bars anymore like I did when new.
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I am considering purchasing two Asus RT-AC68U WIFI units (1900 Mbps, 802.11AC(1300Mbps over 5G) + 802.11N(600Mbps over 2.4G)....... using one as a bridge for my Panny to take full advantage of the streaming capacity at both frequencies.

I don't know much about WIFI and networking so I have a question, if my DSL is only pumping out a fraction of what the 68U is capable of and I'm only going to use it to stream to one TV why would I want the 68U and not something closer (and cheaper) to what my DSL is capable of?

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Probably overkill if that's the primary use. Using one RT-AC68U for your home network (assuming you have other wifi devices) and a simple bridge device for the TV would work well and save you some money.
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