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Two questions:


1.Is there a BD input on the receiver, if there is where would it be?

2.My video parameter comes up as not available, any reason why?



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1. of course!

any of the HDMI inputs can be used but look at your rear panel and find one that is labeled "BD". Use that one smile.gif but you can use any of them.

in that generation of Pioneer models, all the HDMI inputs except the named one "BD" (HDMI 1,2,3...) are unassigned to the named inputs (DVD, TV, etc). You can leave them that way (gaining more inputs) or you can assign them in your Input Setup menu so an HDMI input is bundled with the analog/digital named inputs.

read pg 48-49 in your manual, assigning inputs is described there. look at the chart on pg 49 which shows what inputs can be assigned or paired with HDMI, digital & analog.

and look at the rear panel diagram on pg 20.

2. in that generation of models, the Video Processor/Converter cannot be used with any HDMI input, hence "unavailable". it's not in the HDMI circuit path. Pioneer's design philosophy was that it was better to have the player or display do all scaling, processing, adjustments. keep in mind, they were making hi-end plasmas then (the best) and didn't want any processor in between to potentially degrade video quality, especially in uninformed hands, which I have personally seen in this forum from "know-it-alls" recommending their own personal settings to other uninformed owners and have those folks experience problems from double-scaling or poorer results. why would someone mess up an ISF calibrated TV by jacking around with settings that they may not know much about? rolleyes.gif

but starting with the SC-37, Pioneer changed its philosophy due to market pressure and allowed the Video Processor/Converter to be used on HDMI inputs. it's OK to have it there & have it be On, just be aware of what it does and what the settings are for.

but in the SC-27, you don't have the option to use it with HDMI anyway so moot point. if you want to do an occasional touch-up for a particular disc, you can do that in the player's settings. same for scaling content to 1080i/p. use the player's processor or the TV's. for the SC-27/25 models, the processor is for analog component, composite, & S-Video.

there you go smile.gif
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The reason for my questions is that I can't get any hd audio out of the receiver.  I have bitstream coming out of my BDP 62 FD.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?  I thought in regards to the HDMI on the SC-27 as long as they were plugged in you did not have to assign anything, please tell me if I'm incorrect.  




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let me ask this question - why do you think you aren't getting hi-rez audio? the display? if you think so based on the display, I'll have a few explanations for you but let's see why you think so & go from there.
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My blu ray player does show the hd audio.  So I assume that it is going on despite it not showing up on the receiver.

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Originally Posted by firthoffifth View Post

My blu ray player does show the hd audio.  So I assume that it is going on despite it not showing up on the receiver.

Assuming bitstreamed from the player:

the receiver display does not show "DTS Master" or "TrueHD" in the large letter main area unless you are in Direct or Pure Direct modes. If you are in Auto Surround (including Stereo, ALC, Optimum), Dolby ProLogic IIx/z, DTS NeoX, or THX then the processing formats are what's displayed in the big letters. If you are in Direct or Pure Direct, then the large display will say DTS Master etc.

also, near the top of the display, there are small indicators for the various DTS formats, one being "DTS HD". also a small one for TrueHD. check your manual for their location & description. the DTS-HD indicator will be lit when a DTS-MA track is played. that will be your only indicator of its use IF you have added one of the processing formats (PLIIx, Neo, THX, Optimum, etc)

the front panel display is on pg 18.
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What happens is that the True Dolby HD and DTS MA lights in the display do not come on and defaults back to Dolby Digital in Direct or Pure direct mode. Even though the BR player states it beingTrue Dolby HD or DTS MA.

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I admit that doesn't seem right. you should see them activate. silly question, but did you select the hi-rez audio formats in the disc menu itself, before the movie starts playing? if not, you could be getting just the core Dolby Digital or DTS. I realize this is basic but I have to ask smile.gif. you have to select the audio to be played on BD menu.

which player is it?
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Yes, I do select the hi- rez format before starting.  My player is a Pioneer Elite BDP62-FD.

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firthoffifth, one item I'm thinking about: I don't know the BDP62-FD, but in the older 05-FD and 23-FD, you had to select which output of the player was your "main" output. For example, if you selected the optical out as the main audio output, the HDMI would only output stereo. Can you double-check in your player's setting what is selected as the main audio output?

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^^good point. forgot about that.
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info_dan and ss9001


Here is I what I have set up on the bdp 62 fd, Digital Output is Bitstream, HDMI Mode is Dual, HDMI Audio Out is Bitstream.  Hope this helps




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HDMI Mode Dual? Don't know that one, but taking a wild guess here: HDMI video on one HDMI output port, and Hi-res audio on the 2nd HDMI output port.

How are you connected? Do you have a single cable going to the AVR and then from the AVR, going to your display? Or do you have one cable from BDP-62 to SC-27, and another cable from BDP-62 to display?

If it's the first case, you may want to see if there is a "Single" HDMI mode.

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I have one single cable going from the bdp62 to the sc-27. Hdmi dual is having both audio and video coming simultaneously from the hdmi out terminal.  Hdmi seperate would have one cable strictly for audio and one for video from the hdmi sub and main terminals.

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Just for kicks, have you tried the other hdmi port on the bdp?
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I'll give try.

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It works!!  How about that.  Never thought about doing that.  Thank you to info_dan and ss9001 for helping me with this.  Very truly appreciated.



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Originally Posted by firthoffifth View Post

It works!!  How about that.  Never thought about doing that.  Thank you to info_dan and ss9001 for helping me with this.  Very truly appreciated.


no problem smile.gif glad it works for you. just curious, which port worked?
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HDMI Sub Port

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I seem to recall someone mentioning this issue, but I've not been able to refind it or a solution.

I've had my SC-25 since it first came out and have dealt with this problem begrudgingly ever since. I'm hoping to finally find a solution to it.

The problem is whenever I play any show that is analog (or not HD), about 75% of the time the show starts with no sound. This only occurs with SD shows from my Directv or my media player devices (WDLIVE). For example a home movie. The annoying work-around fix is I press the HOME button on my remote twice (one to enter the menu, one to return to the screen) and then I have sound just fine. I was hoping over the years they would fix this with a firmware update, but no joy. I know it has something to do with the HDMI connection, but not sure if there is a setting somewhere on one end or another that will fix this.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If I had not stumbled upon the workaround by pushing the home button I would basically be without sound on any analog show I try to watch. I think that is a pretty huge issue not to address.
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