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Radeon 2400, 3450 HDMI problems w/ ABIT NF-M2S MB

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OK, so I have this nice FX-62 mb w/ PCIe and tossed in an ATI HD2400 and got spoiled by the HDMI w/ audio feeding a Plasma.

Out of the blue one day, the Plasma feed dumps, tried to reinstall, tried newer drivers, bios settings, etc. but no joy.

So I go to Tiger and order up a VisionTek HD 3450 which had good reviews, independent settings for each of the dual displays, and an on-board HDMI connector. Yippee, no more ATI proprietery DVI-HDMI adapter.

Installed HW and SW, booted up, HDMI port is deader than a dead mackeral.
DVI senses the display and IDs it, but no pix.

Thinking I have two bad boards and finding out VisionTek support is the pits.

Just looking for a vanilla board with HDMI to watch HD based videos mostly 480p (DVD vob files) and don't want to spend my life tweaking.

Thanks in advance for any replies. Hve been through a ton of threads here but none specific to this problem.

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Are you by any chance trying to connect a display to both the DVI and HDMI at the same time? Only one or the other will work. This is by design on most cards. One cannot even have something plugged into the DVI port.
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Understood. Nope, primary computer LCD into VGA port, Plasma into HDMI through an ATI adapter on the HD 2400 that worked fine for several months.
Every once and again the driver would hiccup and mute the PDP but running Catalyst would bring it back, except for the last time LOL.

The HD 3450 never gave a pix to the PDP on HDMI. DVI would only sense the PDP connection and enter "clone" mode which is what I'm looking for, but never any video at any scan rate.

Just from looking around it seems folks have more luck with nVidia boards but they lack the HDMI with audio capability AFAIK.

Have built dozens of PCs and hooked up tons of HT systems but am drawing a brain fart on this one. About to call TigerDirect and exchange the VisionTek 3450 for a Gigabyte 4670 which seems to be more trouble free.

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I use a couple of these Nvidia cards, if your motherboard has spdif out header you can get sound through HDMI.

Here's another thats not to bad either.
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Thanks for the reply, we'll check them out.

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Looks like they both need the SPDIF header, which I don't have.

Hmm, for the trouble , maybe it's time for a new Mama Board with native HDMI ????

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Well for the love of .....I tried another source through the HDMI cable I had been using for the HTPC and voila' - NO SIGNAL. Will have to try another cable if I can find one in the pile of "stuff". Next to DoDo in the Dictionary is my picture LOL. Will update when I get it working.

Thanks all for your suggestions.

T Wiz
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What little steps we forget to take when trouble shooting a problem.
You know you really want to upgrade your system.
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Had some time to make some tests. Bottom line is a defective VisionTek 3450 (HDMI out is DOA) and some problem with the A HDMI in of a dual-HDMI board on the display.

Switched to the B HDMI in and reinstalled the original 2400 HD Radeon with Cat 9.4 drivers and Realtek 2.13 HDMI audio driver, now all is well.

Back to Tiger goes the 3450 in the morning.

There is a ton of great info here as I'm already getting the upgrade itch.

Thamks to all.

T Wiz
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