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Which DVD player software?

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I have a laptop that I use to stream music with MediaMonkey and I want to use it as a DVD player also. Specs for the laptop are:
  • Pentium IV 3200MHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • Wireless G with good signal
  • Radeon Mobile 9800 video card, 256MB memory, 1024 x 768, DVI and VGA out
  • DVD drive (QSI SBW242U)
  • Windows XP SP3 installed, Vista Home Premium on the shelf
The monitor is a Samsung LNT4053H:
  • HDMI and VGA input
  • 1366 x 768 resolution (1024 x 768 supported)
Audio is via an EMU 0404 USB interface that feeds a stereo with subwoofer.
  1. What DVD player software do you recommend?
  2. Can I get it to play widescreen?
  3. Could I add an external Bluray drive and get a better picture?
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search. there are lots of dvd sw out there.

you could add a blu-ray drive, but your hardware will never be able to play it. waaaay to slow.
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Originally Posted by Derek K. View Post

search. there are lots of dvd sw out there.

Of course there's lots out there, but I want to know what you experts recommend as the best. If I didn't want an expert opinion, I would google it. I come here for the expert opinions. If you don't have an informed response, then better to not respond.
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1. TheaterTek - DVD only playback, one of the better players.
2. Yes you can play in widescreen
3. You could add an external BD drive but your system may have alot of stuttering since it's not really upto specs for Blu-ray playback. You would need TMT3, PDVD or WinDVD for BD playback.
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It'S free and very good.
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You could install Vista Premium and use the built-in DVD Windows Media Center player for free, but your laptop specs won't handle Vista so well, so you may not want to.
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Apparently the laptop is capable of 1920 x 1200 resolution, but I am only getting 1024 x 7868 with the latest driver from Dell. Researching that issue.
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Your laptop display probably only supports upto 1024x768. If you have both displays active your probably in clone mode and that is all you will get. Try making HDMI display primary and shutoff laptop display. Model# of laptop would help.
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No reason to output 1920x1080 as your monitor can't display it-it wants to be fed it's native resolution.
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Laptop is Dell Inspiron 9100 with Y5703 Display (1920x1200). It appears that the video card (ATI Mobility 9800 with 256MB) only hits that resolution with low color.

The video card splits its memory between the two displays if both are active. I set the resolution for the laptop display at 1280x800 and 1360x768 for the Samsung external display. Works great, but I can only have one on at a time.

I'll have to look and see if I can set a hot key to make it easy to switch between monitors.
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Anything on your function keys? My HP has a hot key to swap monitors.
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FN+F8 toggles between monitor/dual/external.

I have an MCE remote control on order which I will use with eventghost to control MediaMonkey. I'll look to see if i can map a key on the remote to toggle the monitor.
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I have something similar and Bluray player just refuse to start because the video card is not supported. Among the big 3 I would recommend WinDVD 9 for DVD. All2HD really works with difficult interlace material while it can look terrible and judder in both PDVD and TMT3.
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I use WinDVD. It has extended control for DVD-Video.
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