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LN32B460 vs 32LH20

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Hi All, new member but longtime lurker.

reason i signed up is i'm at the cusp of finally buying a bedroom set. Both of these models are on sale at bestbuy.ca for $549. i've read good reviews for both (other than the ghosting on the sammy)

anyone have experience/advise for both?

Thanks in advance
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I'm interested in seeing what someone has to day about this thread too, although I'm more interested in the Sammy B460 and the LG LH30. They're the same price at amazon.com. I know one is 720p and one is 1080p.

They both have 6ms response time and 50,000 to 1 dynamic contrast ratios. Is the Sammy that much better that the 720p costs what the LG 1080p set costs or is the LG just priced better for what you get?

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I'm trying to decide between the exact same sets as randall mentioned.

The 32LH30 is about $50 more. Can anyone make a recommendation?
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Quick bump, i'm in the same boat D:
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i will pick 32LH30 with 1080p for computer use (full HD on internet is fun) http://www.amazon.com/LG-32LH30-32-Inch-1080p-Gloss/dp/B001V5J7OI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1267032573&sr=1-1

if your intention is mainly for TV purposes, LN32B460 or other 720p model at 32" is good enough.
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