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Novice Building Stereo

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Hello All!

I stumbled upon AVS and found it's users to be extremely helpful, so I figured I'd try my hand at a post.

I'm am trying to piece together a DIY stereo system for the young man on a budget. I'm pretty good with my hands, but I'm really at a loss when it comes to electrical, or anything audio for that matter. I was considering a 100W Onkyo TX-8555 as a receiver, and then build a pair of full range speaker cabinets. I'm confident that I can make some bang up cabinets, but I am unsure as to the drivers/hardware that I will need to make a nice sounding system. I was thinking about some 8 ohm woofers, midranges, and tweeters by Goldwood that I found for ├╝ber cheap on parts-express. I would connect these to a 100W 3 way crossover in each cabinet.

1. Would my woofer be receiving acceptable wattage from the receiver as it passes through the crossover. The woofer says it's rated 110W to 220, and if the crossover is splitting the wattage will the lack of power harm the woofer. The receiver produces 100W X 2 channels.

2. Are there any special resistors/electrical stuff that I would need to wire in additionally to ensure that my sound doesn't sound horrendous.

I hope I included enough detail. If not, please scold me in your reply. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I think you should build a documented design rather than go with the random selection method. There are quite a few well documented designs at HT Guide.com, in the Mission Accomplished section. You will end up with with much better results that way. Also Zaph Audio is another good place to find designs and driver info.

Welcome to AVS
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2nd vote for building a documented and tested design. It won't cost you any more and the chance of satisfaction increases greatly. I suspect if you state a budget for the speakers the crew here can point you to a design and you can order the speakers from PE or the other on-line vendors. Also PE has some designs in their project showcase.
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3rd vote for building a proven design, and a summary link of links to proven designs.

Clearly, the parts houses feature designs using components they sell, and there is a fair amount of crossover as this list includes folks whose designs have been picked up by other sources. Oddly enough, while AVS has an extraordinarily broad range of useful infomration, it isn't the best place for DIY loudspeakers; I see a lot less action, and mostly focused on subwoofers.

For my part, I build an LCR set of NatalieP's and I'm very happy, despite the horizontal MTM CC.

Have fun,
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Wow, thank you so much guys for the replies. Very helpful advice. Now, I think I can make a much more educated decision.

Thanks again.
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I'd do a proven 2 way and use a sub to pick up the bass. Getting a 3way to sound right can get costly, most 3 ways in the mission accomplished section are going to run $1,000/pr.
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This design seems more than adequate for my needs, and it seems to be the cheapest as well. The only thing is I'm finding the wiring diagrams to be quite confusing. Is there anything on how I'm supposed to properly wire the crossovers?

http: //www.parts-express. com/projectshowcase/indexn.cfm?project=daytonIII

http: //www.speakerbuilder. net/web_files/Projects/D3/dayton3 .htm
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I have a D3 for my center channel, good speaker for the money. Follow the crossover diagram in the project you linked to.
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If you are looking at the DIII, also check out Curt C's tritrix.
It's a very well documented design and many people have built them, so there it a lot of help available here also.

PE sells a kit for all of the parts.
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