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Catching up with 3.8

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So my original unit from April 2001 finally gave up the ghost earlier this month. I had the foresight to have a backup unit on hand, which came with a 120 GB hard drive loaded with 3.7. When I originally got it, I verified that it was basically in working order, but it didn't occur to me to check on the software version, much less try to get it current. I just left it in the furnace room ready to deploy whenever my primary unit went south.

I hooked it up and set up my recordings and headed off for two weeks of out-of-townage. When I got back, of course, I noticed that some of my series were not recording, which I scratched my head over for a while before the 3.8 lightbulb switched on.

Now, according to http://www.ultimatetv.com/summer2007update.asp:


To upgrade [to 3.8] using the telephone line, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect a telephone line to the back of your UltimateTV.
Step 2: Press the Home button on your remote control.
Step 3: Select Web Home at the left side of the screen.
Step 4: Your UltimateTV will place a phone call to get the update. If your box is not currently registered with the MSN service you, will have to register at this time. Please note that a credit card is required to register, but you will not be charged if you do not use the MSN service in excess of 3 hours per month. There is no charge for software updates or for the time spent downloading an update.
Step 5: If your UltimateTV does not have the latest software, it will download and install the update at this time.

I did this, but I'm still at 3.7. Other than hexing the image onto my hard drive, what are my options? (And if that is really the best option, what generous soul can I hit up for the 3.8 image?)
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I don't know how to use it, but I snagged it when I first saw it...

i can't seem to attach it here, and it's too big for email (32MB), and I don't have a rapidshare account...

any other way to get it to you?
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Thanks for the offer, oh Mighty Eric. I think my best option probably is not the image route, but simply forcing a reformat of the hard drive followed by a fresh download. I was hoping there was a less radical route available (as the UltimateTV page falsely advertises), but my phone line is pretty clean, so it might even download on the first try.
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Cool - good luck...

and, if that still doesn't work...

the easiest (and most costly) way is to contact CCS - they'll sell you a hard drive already imaged but sill unmarried, ready to install and powerup.
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As you suggested the UTV page was "falsely advertising"... it might have been accurate two years ago... but it isn't accurate now.

Biggest thing wrong about connecting to MSNTV for an upgrade is there shouldn't be any need to buy or register for service. Yet, the procedure they were suggested probably did require being "registered"...

The "simple" fix (and more "techie" solution... too complicated for the "average" user I guess) is to use a UTV Code.

With the UTV "off" (Standby) enter 8675309 via the Remote Control. The Front Panel should flash multi-colors and attempt to dial out for an update on power up. After the update it should have OS 3.8 on reboot.

You should get several screens stating you are due for an update (maybe even to enter a code... just leave blank and proceed). You should get something like a 297 (?) part file which might take a couple of hours to download... depending on your data connection.

Keep us posted.
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The mini-Jenny (5309) worked like a charm, and I got all 297 parts of the download on the first try without a hitch. I think the FAQ here could be a little clearer that this won't affect existing or scheduled recordings, but a search of some older threads here settled my mind on that subject.

So UltimateTV should either retire their misleading page, qualify it with an expiration date, or point the user to the 5309 code, which accomplishes what they were describing on that page.

Thanks for the help! I guess I can continue to live in denial for a few more years.
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Thanks for mentioning the "Mini-Jenny" code (5309)... I've always suggested the long version and I guess forgot or didn't realize they had a shorter version.

As for clarifying the UTV FAQ... it wouldn't be a bad idea to "update" it and clarify issues.

As some of the members that have modified it in the past may not be as frequent a visitor to the forum... it might take a bit to get the FAQ "updated" but your concerns probably should be addressed there.
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