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1) Daytime and relaxed viewing (front room)

Samsung 32" 16:9 RPTV

Arcam AVR100 Integrated Amplifier

Elac Cinema 2 ESP Speaker series (5 little noisy silver gems + subwoofer)

JVC S-VHS videorecorder

Pioneer SD-2109 DVD Player

Philips CD Player

GoldBOX (Pioneer) Satellite Receiver (Tele+)

2) dedicated room

Dalite HiPower manual pulldown screen 6ft x 8ft

LT150z (with FL Day filter)

Whisperflow HushBox (Mahogany finish)

- ATI 7500 Radeon
- 40Gig IBM HD
- 12Gig Maxtor HD
- Delta 410 soundcard
- ASUS PB3F motherboard
- Pentium III 1Ghz Slot 1
- ADSL connection
- Pioneer 104F DVD Drive
- IDS Falcon Capture Card

Denon AVR-3802 amplifier (still on the wish list I am afraid, run out of cash)

My HTPC is connected with the Arcam video and sound output in the separate room, so I get also VHS tape playback, free to air video channel and satellite channels displayed thanks to my IDS Falcon card inputs. Using Dscaler with it, on the S-Video input. Dscaler doesn't work for the Falcon card on the composite imput.

Kef Q55.2 5:1 Speakers Package (large speakers)

Subwoofer (leaning towards KEF or REL, not purchased yet)