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Scientific Atlanta 4250HDC distorted sound over HDMI?

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I'm using a Toshiba 40XV645U connected trough HDMI to a SA 4250HDC and sound becomes distorted/garbled every once in a while, it doesn't matter if channel is HD or not.

Audio is not cut out completely yet it becomes garbled and distorted to the point of not being able to understand what is going on. Changing the channel or modifying the volume doesn't do the trick, only changing TV input back and forth, switching the box on/off brings audio back to normal.

I already upgraded the HDMI cable to a more expensive one (it even has ferrite stones on it) but same issue continues.
I've connected a Western Digital HD media player to the Toshiba TV using the cheap HDMI cable and it never had an audio issue.

It seems the Cable Box to be at fault but can't say for sure, anyone familiar with such problems and what to do possibly to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
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I purchased a Toshiba 46XV645U one week ago and am having
exactly the same problem connected via HDMI to Panasonic DVD
player/recorder DMR-EZ27. I have tried three different HDMI cables
so I don't think problem is cheap cable. Unplugging/replugging cable
fixes problem, turning Panasonic off/on fixes problem etc but it then
comes back. I really need to figure out if Toshiba or Panasonic is
at fault. Will research and post if I find anything. I like the Toshiba
very much.... hope I don't have to return it.
(So you are not alone with this issue...)
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I am also having the same problem on my 2 month old Regza. After 2 to 3 hours of watching the sound becomes distorted. The only fix is to switch the source or power the tv off and on. Happens on all 3 HDMI ports. Tried 3 different hdmi cables. And happens with Xbox 360, PS3, Scientific Atlanta 4250 HD, and a toshiba hdmi dvd player.
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I have same Regza Toshiba Sound problem. It starts gurgling, echo like. They came and refreshed the software, but no help. Is there a fix to this problem ? The distortion is very annoying. I've tried different settings everywhere. I like the picture, but the audio is terrible until this is fixed.
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Sounds like perhaps a " handshake" problem with the HDMI. Try component cables and see if this helps. Picture will be just as good.
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Add me to the list of affected 40XV645U users.

I have a HTPC connected to HDMI 1, and after an hour or so of viewing, the audio gets garbled over the course of a few seconds. I have been fixing it by cycling through the inputs, which works, but is annoying to have to do.

At this point, I would think that this is a Toshiba issue, seeing as how we've got a handful complaining of the same issue with different sources...

Thought I'd go ahead and add my firmware date and version:
FW: 29
May 18, 2009
Build Date: June 2009
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Went to Toshiba's website and discovered that they had new firmware available. Installed via usb stick yesterday and all seems to be good now. Will report back if the problem starts up again.

Current firmware version:


Sept 8 2009

FW: 27
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Actually, Toshiba recommended that I turn off Deep Color, Lip Sync, and INSTAPORT (and RGB Range, but that's not an on/off option) under AV connections -> HDMI settings.

So far it seems to have fixed my issue (couple hours playback so far).

Surprisingly, the manual actually suggests doing just this! (Obviously I did not RTFM).

I'll see about the FW, too.
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After 4 or 5 hours of use today the problem has started back up. I had Deep Color, Lip Sync, and INSTAPORT switched off as recommended. Will report back if I find a fix.
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Originally Posted by mb416 View Post

After 4 or 5 hours of use today the problem has started back up. I had Deep Color, Lip Sync, and INSTAPORT switched off as recommended. Will report back if I find a fix.

Please do. I haven't had the issue re-occur yet, but I haven't been utilizing the HTPC much this weekend.

Where did you locate the firmware update? I didn't see anything on the Toshiba site.
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Toshiba Firmware is available at this location, thanks to mb416!

Just spoke to Toshiba US CS, presented them with quite an old firmware version:
Apr 20 09
FW 29

and was told there is nothing newer available even though I see mine is oldest from the bunch.
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My issue re-occurred last night as well. Turning off HDMI features seems to help, but not eliminate the issue.
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I'm having the same issues using a Dish Network VIP722k DVR with Phillips HDMI Cable. I logged a call on the Toshiba site, and got an expected start of troubleshooting email reply "Does this happen on other inputs? Have you tried a different HDMI device on that input to see if the issue persists?"

In my short reply I listed this forum string as additional data. Hopefully they take a look.
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I am having the same garbled sound problem on a Toshiba 55ZV650OU using a Scientific Atlanta 8240 HDVR. It has done this so often that now my speakers seem to rattle if I use the bass enhancement feature. I think we all need to let Toshiba know about this problem.
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I agree with flyingv67, more reports into Toshiba, the more likely they are to resolve it.

When you submit the support call, provide them with this info because they will ask for it before sending it to their research team.

First and last name
Street address, city, state and zip code
Daytime phone number
Model and Serial number of unit
Name of dealer the unit was purchased from
Date of purchase
Brand and model of devices this issue occurs with
(if known) what version of HDMI cable are you using

Here was the latest reply from them: "I have forwarded your file to our research team. Someone from our office will contact you once we have more information regarding this situation."
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It has taken a long time but have verified that my garbled sound
problem happens with two different vendors' DVD players (one
Panasonic and one Magnavox), multiple HDMI cables, and multiple
inputs on the Toshiba. i.e. The problem has to be in TV.
My next step will be to wait for in to happen again and take
a little video that includes distorted sound, switching inputs
and back, and the return of clear sound. Then I send to
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I emailed Toshiba and got the same response as JustAsking. I replied to Toshiba and furnished them with all the info they asked for. I was told I would be getting a call from a service rep but have heard nothing from a real person yet. Anybody else heard anything or talked with a service rep? My set is a 55" and anytime the sound has any bass in it, I get a plastic resonance rattling noise from the speakers. It sounds like the whole back of the TV is vibrating like a really cheap plastic boom box or something. I wish now that I had gotten another Sony. The TV the Regza replaced was a 46" Sony Bravia I had for three years. I never had anything but perfection with the Sony. Unfortunately I sold it to my sister and she is quite happy with it.
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Ok, I just got my Toshiba 52 inch LCD TV this last week. I noticed 2 problems, 1 the sound as described here and 2 the picture went black for some reason after an hour or so of viewing. Turning it off corrected it. Perhaps I should be preparing to bring this TV back?
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Originally Posted by Darrenx33 View Post

Ok, I just got my Toshiba 52 inch LCD TV this last week. I noticed 2 problems, 1 the sound as described here and 2 the picture went black for some reason after an hour or so of viewing. Turning it off corrected it. Perhaps I should be preparing to bring this TV back?

If you are within your return window, I would return for a different brand.
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I picked the TV up a week ago so I have 30 days from that time. I loaded the update from the Toshiba website and still have seen the problem. However, when I tried to document it with my video camera it lasted only a while and then fixed itself without me having to change inputs or cycle the TV power. So is this an HDMI problem only? Should I not see this with component cables? What is everybody elses status? I should have bought the Panasonic that I had originally picked out. Its unfortunate because aside from this problem I really like everything about this TV.
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I'm glad I seen this thread. I was thinking it was my Tobshiba 46XV645U that had the sound problem, but wasn't too sure. I was trying to narrow it down between the TV and my HD digital cable box that I got from the cable company. So far the only way I can clear it up as well is by turning off the TV or cable box and then turning it back on. I do have an older software version, so I will update that and turn off the settings listed above. If I notice any changes, I will make sure to post them here. I'll contact Toshiba and add my complaint to the list. Hopefully they will do something about this!
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Well changing the settings and the software update didn't work for me either.
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Sound problems very consistent now. I have lots of video documentation of it. TV is heading back to Best Buy in a few minutes. Bummer. Oh well, now lets try Panasonic.
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My guess is that it is an audio setting in the SA box. I've seen this on a PS3 feeding a TV via HDMI. Setting the audio out to PCM should do the trick, but it will screw up the digital SPDIF output of the box. (No more DD.)
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I tried the PCM setting on my box and the problem still exists.
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i need help adding the firmware..i add the usb stick with the folder and my TV tell me if wanna see media"photos" the usb is blank .. i cant get the firmware to actived in the tv

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Put my 2 cents in here...

Got a Toshiba Regza 47ZV650U LCD-TV about 3 months ago. Problem has existed since day one, pops up randomly with the echoing, distorted audio. Tried 3 different HDMI cables of variable quality with no luck. Sources tried include DishNetwork sat receiver, JVC DVDplayer, Toshiba laptop, and an Asus laptop. One thing I noticed last week is that it returns to normal after about 3 minutes without changing any settings. Still a PITA, waiting for some resolution from Toshiba.
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I did notice this as well. If I didn't change inputs or cycle power it would correct itself after a minute or two. I found this out while I was scrambling to find my video camera so I could record the problem. Anyway, I sent mine back and went with a Panasonic. Glad I did.
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I had the same problem. When you unzip the file you end up with the initial folder from the zip file. Take all of the contents out of the initial folder and just place those on your jump drive and plug your jump drive into your TV again. I hope this helps!
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Has anyone here tried these TV settings to fix the sound problem?

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