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More speakers or Different as an upgrade?

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Need some advice (VERY new to this)

My Setup:
Onkyo TX-SR607 AV Receiver - http://www.eu.onkyo.com/products/TX-SR607.html
Jamo S 606 HCS 3 package - http://www.jamo.com/eu-en/products/s-606-hcs-3-description/
Yamaha YST-SW1500 Sub
DSW PRO 500 Sub
Onkyo DV-SP506 DVD Player
Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV 42"

My question:
I want to upgrade the sound a bit. I have been thinking about replacing the speakers with the Polk Audio TSI500 series, but then they would run 8 Ohm 100W instead of the current 6 Ohm 140W that my amp can handle. My other option is to add two additional mains as surround speakers and move the current surround speakers to the back to create the 7.1 environment the amp can handle.

Any ideas on this would be appreciated...even if you think it will be a waste of money either way?

The room is an old single garage redone for the entertainment area.

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I'm a little surprized your current setup does not meet your needs. The TSI 500 is comparable to the Polk Monitor 70's and should only be a modest upgrade from you Jamo towers. If you were in an experimenting mood, I would get the M70's from Newegg.com at a much better price than the TSi 500's and use them for the front L-R and move your Jamo towers to the sides.

But, really, I think there may be some other problem with your setup and just throwing new speakers at it may not achieve much improvement.
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What is the problem with the sound? This could help us figure out a plan for you.
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Thank you for the replies. The problem is that when I bought the equipment, the dealers installed it into a different room. I moved it after to a different room. I then used the mic to automatically configure the sound. Since then it just does not sound the same. The midrange sounds are being killed by the higher pitch sounds and when watching movies the voices sounds very flat. I contributed this to the fact that it is a bigger room and the floor is tiled. I put down quite a big carpet which helped a bit. I know that the sub might be in the wrong place also.

It makes sense that you recommend configuration instead of more hardware. Will you guys be able to help if I post some pictures of the room and the configuration screens from the amp or is this the wrong forum for that?
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Before you do any "upgrading" with the speakers, since the room is dramatically different that the original one, I would highly recommend looking into some room treatments and messing around with your speaker placement. Yours is a perfect example of how a room (and furnishings) can come into play and "excite" certain frequencies while swallowing others.
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another thing to try.....reset the receiver to factory default (should be in the manual somewhere) and zero out all the changes in speaker balance set by the audyssey or similar program set. Try the system now with no changes or equalization -
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Thanks guys...I will definitely try all the advice. I am going to take some pictures over the weekend especially of the speaker placements and the room (with the furnishings). I am sure that after what you guys are saying, it might be a simple thing like carpeting or hanging some boards on the walls.

Thank you for helping....
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